Outdoor classes: The lockdown edition



Outdoor classes: The lockdown edition

You might have enjoyed outdoor fitness classes with friends, colleagues, or strangers, before COVID-19 hit. Whether there were ten or fifty of you in an outdoor space, there have always been endless opportunities to stay fit whilst enjoying the great outdoors. 

We’ve worked hard over the past few months to ensure that you can still work out, whether online or outdoors, and in a safe setting. Now that certain government restrictions have been lifted, we’re excited that our outdoor classes are back up and running, and filling up fast!

So what makes an outdoor class COVID-secure?

Maximum five per class

To make sure that you’re safe, and to keep in line with current government guidelines, we’ve limited our class number to five people. With this number in mind, we’ll have more locations that are suitable to work out in, as well as having ample space to socially distance. 

Less equipment

Our trainers will run classes with little to no equipment – if any equipment is used, your trainer will ensure it has been fully sanitised before it’s used by someone else. 

Verbal form correction

Some of you may be used to attending classes where your form is corrected, hands-on, by your trainer. For now, your trainer will only correct your form verbally, so they, and you, can adhere to the social distancing regulations, and they will stay two metres away from you at all times.

Private sessions

We also offer private classes for couples, friends, families and households You can find out more about these sessions here. 

Our outdoor classes are now available to book here – with only five spaces per class, early booking is advised!

As always, stay fit and healthy. 

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