Single? Book an outdoor fitness class this Valentine’s Day

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Single? Book an outdoor fitness class this Valentine’s Day

Take the time to get out in the fresh air with a group of friendly faces and get your blood pumping; it’s the ultimate act of self care. We’ve curated a list of compelling reasons why an outdoor fitness class is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to yourself.

That rush of feel-good hormones

Endorphins are a girl/guy’s best friend. These fantastic chemicals are released when we exert ourselves and give you that warm, fuzzy feeling that makes exercise so addictive. And if you’re reeling from a romantic disaster, there’s good news: endorphins also have a painkilling effect. Exercise could help mend your broken heart (or at least take your mind off of it for a while).

Connect with nature

Getting out into your local green spaces has numerous health benefits, such as improving your mental health and reducing the risk of chronic health issues. Taking in the sound of birdsong is not only enjoyable – research suggests it can boost your ability to pay attention, too.

Low-effort socialising

Classes are a great way to socialise, even for introverts. You get to show up to a predefined place at a specific time (no decision making required!) and spend time around people with at least one shared interest (fitness), without any judgement or expectations for small talk – unless you want to. And with the opportunity to grab a coffee nearby afterwards, you wouldn’t be the first to meet their new best friend this way!

A healthy, smug glow

While all your coupled-up friends are indulging in extravagant three-course meals, you are getting out there and working hard to make yourself happier and healthier. The calorie burn is perfect if you’re planning on staying home with a takeout pizza later in the day, too (don’t worry, we won’t judge).

Personal benefits

Maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle with plenty of hobbies is key to looking after your mental health. Whether you’re up at the crack of dawn to kickbox in the park or you’re taking to the rooftops for a lunchtime yoga class, this your little bit of head-space – and no one can take that away from you. Build good habits now and you’ll be glad you did when you’re next in a relationship and need an excuse to get away for an hour or two.

Go on, find an outdoor fitness class and treat yourself to the gift that keeps on giving.

As always, stay fit, and stay healthy.

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