Six Tips to Help You Stick to That Workout Plan

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Six Tips to Help You Stick to That Workout Plan

You’re 10 days in to your new workout plan and you’re already struggling to stick to that regime you felt so confident about just a couple of weeks back – the good news is you’re not alone. Whether it’s a lack of motivation, feelings of self-doubt, or just an inability to properly execute the exercises, it’s completely natural to struggle to adapt to changes in your every day habits. Here are a few tips to help you really cement that plan in to your daily routine…

1. Mix it up

They say variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to workout plans this mantra can go a long way. Keep the regime interesting and exciting by changing the exercises from week to week, whilst making the most of variable factors such as location, time of day, workout playlist, or even the clothes you wear.

2. Keep it real

One of the biggest problems we can face with new workouts plan comes as a result of our own misjudgement. It’s important to understand your body and what it’s realistically capable of – setting unrealistic targets can lead to perceived failure which can quickly turn in to that toxic “what’s the point?’ mentality. Setting targets that are challenging, but not impossible will offer the pride and morale boost that comes free of charge with achieved goals.

3. Bring a friend

Working out with a buddy can add a more fun, interactive element to your exercise, giving those social-butterfly types something to really look forward to. It can also act as great motivation for those of you with a competitive streak, especially if you chose the right person…

4. Leave the guilt behind

Whether you ate that kebab you promised to avoid or skipped your Sunday squat session, you need to accept that mistakes happen. Even the most self-disciplined among us falter from time to time. Start fresh the next day and move forward with the workout plan – don’t let the guilt of yesterday’s little blip get in the way of your progression.

5. Keep track of your progress

Arguably one of the most impactful ways to boost motivation levels – documenting the progress you make throughout the course of your new workout plan will offer a great insight into how far you’ve come. Whether that’s through images or health data – seeing those gains can have a huge effect on morale and give you the stimulus required to keep moving forward with the routine.

6. Treat yourself

There’s a reason treat days are so popular among fitness freaks – it’s because they’re so effective! If you hit one of your targets, completed a perfect week of workouts, or ran that time you never thought possible then by all means reward yourself – you’ve earned it! The key is in ensuring the treat is enjoyed in moderation whilst avoiding that slippery slope back to your old ways. Get the balance right and you’re on to a winner.


As always, stay fit and stay healthy!

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