Stop Being Scammed by Juice Detoxes

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Stop Being Scammed by Juice Detoxes

There are two words that need to drop out of our collective consciousness: “juicing” and “detox”.

The two words unfortunately go hand-in-hand, and far too many people have parted with far too much money in pursuit of what is a hoax.

Hoax 1: You do not need to “detox”, ever. You have a liver, and your liver is functioning 24/7, 365. No days off. Because here is the thing: “toxins” are part of everyday life. The air you breathe? That’s toxic, potentially, because both oxygen and the byproduct of taking it, carbon dioxide, are potentially damaging to tissues. That’s why you have lungs.

We have evolved in complex and dangerous natural environments, and developed an intricate internal system to deal with the intake of potentially toxic compounds, including the air we breathe. We have enzymes that convert the compounds, organs that package and process them, and pathways – like urine, faeces, sweat, and breathing – to eliminate them.

Hoax 2: Juicing actually achieves a “detox” effect. Your liver needs support from a broad range of nutrients, and here is the irony: juicing doesn’t actually give you half of them, in particular important amino acids that can only be found in protein-rich foods.

And those ‘antioxidants’ you get sold in in juices? They don’t actually do anything directly. Recall those internal systems we talked about above? Well, antioxidants that occur naturally in food help to improve those systems, but they work on a principle that more is not better. It’s one reason why all the research on antioxidant supplements has come back negative.

So, what to do? Eat more colour, and a balanced diet overall that includes adequate protein and high fibre (to stay regular). Be active, and sweat. Stay hydrated.

It’s really simple. Save your money.

As always, stay fit, stay healthy.

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