Victory For Your Wellness Business

Victory For Your Wellness Business

BUA means victory

Are you tired of paying heavy rents, doing group classes for free, or spending so much time doing business admin? We got your back.

We reduce the time, cost, and risk with starting or growing your group wellness and fitness business.

Partner with London’s leading fitness network for outdoor and online classes. Your business deserves the best. Find it with BUA.

With no limit to running outdoor or online fitness classes the sky is your limit.

We go the extra mile and invest in your success.

Partner with BUA FIT

What's in it for you?

  1. Grow and optimise your business without the risk, costs, and admin.
  2. Access to the BUA widget to control your data and bookings on your website
  3. With no rent, no losses, no subscriptions, and no capped earnings.
  4. Build your brand using our social tech and marketing support.
  5. Never leave the front page of Google Search.

Increase revenue by reaching new audiences

  1. Access a city-wide network of users seeking social outdoor or online wellness.
  2. Cover our BUA corporate and consumer classes.
  3. We help you find new clients.
  4. Be part of a powerful community.
  5. Built-in direct messaging service between trainers and clients to boost sales.

Technology that will help you grow your business

  1. We give you an e-commerce fitness solution for your brand.
  2. BUA Live makes online fitness look good.
  3. We give you the technical tools you can’t afford to grow your business.
  4. You are always one click away from a sale.

We cover your heavy costs, you cover your group classes.

Market leading income opportunities for your business. No losses, only a healthy profit.

We can support your fitness and wellness brand to the next level of growth by supporting you with marketing, customer support, leads, technology and sales.

360, 24/7 Support

  • You and your clients gain 24/7 customer support for seamless bookings.

Put you first

  • Set your own class pricing. We focus on removing the hassle. You focus on teaching your clients.
  • Yearly engagement fee of £120 or £12.50 a month.

Be a part of corporate partnerships

Tap into large corporate markets and lead lunchtime office workouts and team building bootcamps with BUA FIT as your back-of-house support. Jump on collaborations with wellness brands and influencers. Network with London’s top start-ups and largest workforces.

Want to do big things?

Let's go!

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