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Bua Fit is your portal to London's best outdoor group fitness classes.

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A hub for outdoor fitness lovers

Perfect for those who want to achieve their fitness goals away from a busy gym or studio. Our group exercise is fun, social and very rewarding. You will notice progress after every session.

Sessions on demand

At the park, along the river, or on a rooftop overlooking the city skyline. These are some of the places where Bua Fit can bring you on your fitness journey.

Highly-qualified fitness trainers

Every Bua Fit trainer has been personally vetted by our co-founder Dave. This is to ensure the best fitness experience and safety for our users. You will sweat, laugh and feel inspired.

Workouts that suit you

With a range of different workouts to choose from, switch it up with a motivating workout tailored exactly to your needs. See results in no time!


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Box Fit


Core Training

South West London

Where we are

Our service is rolling out across the UK! Check out what each city and community has to offer.

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Don't see us in your area? Tell us your location and we'll update you as soon as we schedule to launch in your area!

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Coming Autumn 2018

More than just outdoor fitness classes

Our passion is to build a strong and expansive community of people that love outdoor fitness across all of the United Kingdom.

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Come along, get fit, have fun and meet outdoor fitness lovers. Conveniently pay as you go and mix up your work out week.

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Are you an outdoor fitness trainer? Let’s work together!

Bua Fit trainers have no rent, fees or marketing costs. We cover all that, but you must pass the Bua Training Test. Contact our team to sign up.

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