An outdoor yoga fitness class with 6 people.

Group Fitness

Book outdoor fitness classes with your friends in a few taps.

1000’s of group classes on demand from top trainers in London. HIIT, yoga, boxing, bodyweight and a lot more.

A group of people outdoors receiving instruction from a personal trainer.
A personal trainer instructing a ZUU Bootcamp to 6 people outdoors.
A group of people outdoors receiving instruction from a personal trainer.
An outdoor yoga fitness class with 6 people.
A group of people celebrating their complete outdoor fitness class.
A personal trainer coaching two people boxing outdoors.
A large group of people taking part in an outdoor fitness class

A hub for outdoor fitness lovers

Perfect for those who want to achieve their fitness goals away from a busy gym or studio. Our group exercise is fun, social and very rewarding. There are no contracts or subscriptions in our community. With a variety of outdoor classes and trainers to choose from, simply ‘pay to play’ into as many as you like.

A group of people in a park taking part in an outdoor group fitness class.

Why group fitness?

This training method is proven to deliver results on your fitness journey! We exist because group-based outdoor fitness has been shown to improve mental and physical health. We want to make it easier for the market to connect and transact so people can live happier and healthier lives.

A personal trainer instructing an outdoor fitness class in London, Tower Bridge.

Highly-qualified outdoor fitness trainers

Every Bua Fit trainer has been personally vetted by our co-founder Dave. This is to ensure the best outdoor fitness experience and safety for our users. You will sweat, laugh and feel inspired.

Outdoor workouts that suit you

With a range of different outdoor workouts to choose from, switch it up with a motivating workout tailored exactly to your needs. See results in no time!

Where we are

Our service is rolling out across London! Check out what each area and community has to offer.

South West London
South West London
North London

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North London
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South East London
"Nikolay was very engaging and certainly injected this spark that I need to get motivated. Overall great experience."

Rebecca - Bua Fit User

"Bua Fit helped me with all my marketing and sales. It was hassle-free, saving me time and admin. Even better, I made more money in that one hour with Bua Fit than ever before!"

Yongho - Bua Fit Trainer

"Sign me up to the next session. The Bua Fit app is so easy and fun to use, with no catches on booking classes. After a long day in the office this beats the gym hands down."

Elliot - Bua Fit User

"It was seamless. It was so easy to arrive at the class location and not have to worry about anything else."

Ali - Bua Fit Trainer

We are more than just technology and outdoor fitness.
We are more than just technology and outdoor fitness.

Bua means victory! When you sign up to our service you're one step closer to victory, whether that's achieving your fitness goal or building your outdoor fitness business.

Join our growing community of outdoor fitness

Come along, get fit, have fun and meet outdoor fitness lovers. Conveniently pay as you go and mix up your workout week.

Book a Class

Are you an outdoor fitness trainer? Let’s work together!

Bua Fit trainers have no rent, fees or marketing costs. We cover all that, but you must pass the Bua Training Test. Contact our team to sign up.

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For outdoor group classes, fitness tips and nutritional advice.

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