BUA FIT For Business

BUA FIT For Business

Invest in a happier, healthier, and more productive culture with outdoor, online & in-house group wellness experiences.

We remove the hassle, heavy cost, and time to build your company wellness programme to enhance your teams performance.


We will look at your mission, core values, headcount, geographies, and demographic of your team(s) to see what will work best for your business. We can help you with wellness strategies, wellness days, wellness programmes, regular weekly classes covering holistic health.

We will recruit the right trainers, teachers and coaches for your business and give you all the technology, marketing and sales support to help you win. For every £1 you invest into corporate wellness you will get £5 back.

WHY NOW? 10 reasons WHY you should INVEST?

  1. Employee benefits are the second biggest reason to take a job, directly behind salary.
  2. Stress causes almost 50% of UK employees to look for a new job.
  3. 82% of employees who feel motivated receive perks.
  4. For every £1 spent your ROI is £1.50.
  5. Currently city professionals spend 93%+ of their lives indoors.
  6. An average, 6.5 hours a day are spent in front of a screen.
  7. Subsidising fitness classes away from the workplace has trebled in the past 5 years.
  8. In 2016/17 1.3 million workers suffered work related ill health. Equating to 25.7 million working days lost, costing £522 per employee.
  9. Exercise programs have more immediate and longer lasting results than stress management courses and cognitive therapy.
  10. Have access to 100 of suppliers through one relationships to save you time and money on procurement.


An in-depth consultation to grasp your goals, team, culture, and brand. Exclusive access to a compliant technology platform for your brand. Sales and marketing assistance for increased business bookings. Comprehensive data handling and progress reports for team engagement. Engaging wellness offerings, including online and outdoor fitness classes, mental health workshops, nutrition seminars, meditation journeys, and breath-work sessions. Flexible options for outdoor, online, or in-house group experiences. A dedicated account manager for ongoing support. Wellness partnerships with professional athletes, acclaimed wellness experts, health columnists, and TV personalities.

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