Our story

Our story

Welcome to the heart of BUA FIT, where passion, fitness, wellness, and technology converge to create a revolutionary platform for group exercise.

Our journey began in June 2020, when David Stapleton, MSc and BA, previous tech founder, and former rugby player and Pro HYROX Athlete, decided to address the challenges he observed in the fitness and wellness industry.

Having immersed himself in the gym culture since the age of 15, David keenly recognised the hurdles faced by trainers and coaches. High rents for gym and studio spaces and the complexities of setting up an individual wellness business presented significant technology and consumer obstacles. It was during his jogs through the vibrant streets of London that the idea for BUA FIT was sparked. Despite witnessing numerous outdoor fitness groups, the lack of an online platform for finding and easy booking became glaringly apparent. Determined to bridge this gap, David ventured into the space knowing he was the person to solve the connectivity problem. Drawing on his extensive experience within fitness and wellness environments, being a previous tech founder, and motivated by a desire to solve his own problem of booking outdoor classes while following his passion for fitness, David made a significant life shift. Having spent eight years in financial sales as an FX Broker, he traded the world of finance for the dynamic realm of wellness innovation

The pivotal moment in our story arrived when David connected with Sam and Woj who brought with them a wealth of experience, each boasting two decades in software development cultivated at prestigious institutions such as JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and Propeller. United by a common vision, the trio set out to redefine the wellness landscape.

Together, we envisioned and brought to life a unique marketplace for group fitness and wellness that transcends the confines of traditional gyms.BUA FIT stands as a testament to our shared dedication to providing accessible, outdoor, online and in-office wellness experiences.

We are on a mission to empower wellness professional to succeed and inspire people to live a happier and healthier life. BUA means 'victory' in Gaelic.

Dave - BUA FIT founder

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