BUA for your business


  1. BUA will service a client (business, corporate or organistion) based what was agreed and signed on the order form
    1. All orders are subject to change by the client and BUA are flexible
    2. Classes can be changed at any stage of the contract to increase success
    3. Classes can be changed to a different environment weather depending to online, outdoor or vice a versa
    4. BUA can service all clients on their premises if needed
  2. The client or BUA has the ability to freeze classes during contractual period for legitimate reasons.
    1. If the classes are frozen. This extends agreement period by the freeze period.


  1. Payment must be every month by the end of the month to our business account on the order form
  2. Payment must be made every month by month end based on the number of classes agreed to service
  3. Payment must be made every month for classes agreed to service even if classes don’t go ahead
  4. Admin fee may be incurred if payments aren’t made on time
  5. Two week notice must be give if you want to change the agreement made on order form with class type or objective of the wellness campaign
  6. The client must give 48 hours’ notice to change class time or date
    1. If notice is not given within 48 hours you are still charged and you will have an admin fee based in-house costs
    2. If employees don’t show up to the class you are still charged for the class
    3. Trial class prices are different to contracted classes
    4. 12 month contract (5% discount if paid in full)
    5. 24 month contract (10% discount if paid in full)


  1. All employees attending classes to be registered through BUA FIT platform for health and safety reasons.
    1. All employees are on op-out for marketing unless decide to op-in
    2. BUA can operate services on clients technical process or premises also. Such as Teams, Zoom, Google or on their property.

Account Management

  1. All clients are supported with a point of contact to help make the client get a greater ROI
  2. BUA can support with marketing material to support success
  3. Classes can operate online, outdoor or on client premises
  4. If bookings drop we will work with you to make changes to boost bookings.

Agreement and cancellation

  1. 3 month rolling month on month
    1. There is no cancellation within the first 3 months
    2. After 3 months, you are in rolling month on month contract
  2. After month 4 to terminate contract we need it written under a calendar notice period

Fitness partners

  1. All suppliers of fitness classes are supplied by BUA
  2. All communication with fitness partners must be on the platform or through your account manager
  3. If client takes a BUA fitness partner off BUA to supply their business with classes under a separate agreement BUA will invoice the client for all financial loses to the business
  4. With consent of the client, photos might be taken by fitness partners to support our marketing

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