Corporate wellness & how depression leads to 131% more presenteesim

Corporate wellness  & how depression leads to 131% more presenteesim

There are many challenges that organisations face in the modern business sphere when it comes to employees. High staff  turnover and absenteeism can both have a huge impact on your bottom line, as can a relatively new phenomenon – presenteeism. However, thanks to corporate wellness programs, the problem can be effectively addressed.

What’s the financial impact of the issue for UK businesses each year? You might be surprised to hear that according to the Centre for Mental Health, presenteeism costs the UK economy over £14 billion annually – that’s £6 billion more than absenteeism! So, it’s something that savvy execs and business owners should be paying attention to.

So, what exactly is presenteeism?

Well, presenteeism as it’s known today, describes a situation where an employee is present in body, but isn’t necessarily present in mind. This means that they’re either continually distracted or entirely unmotivated – meaning that while they’re at work, they’re not getting close to achieving optimum levels of productivity.

Presenteeism can occur for a number of reasons, with depression ranking highly amongst them. Harassment over the number of sick days taken can also be a source of stress, which is why it pays to approach the issue from a different angle. By introducing a comprehensive corporate wellness program, you’re often able to address the source of the issue.

Corporate wellness programs to support the body & mind

Depression is far and away the biggest cause of presenteeism in the workplace and the statistics on the subject bear this out. The stats also show that wellness programs that include regular physical exercise and stress-busting mindfulness classes cut presenteeism by 131%!

Both mind and body need to be supported, as not everyone is helped solely by working out. As such, the best corporate wellness companies offer a range of activities that meet everyone’s needs, with the following representing just some of the options:

  • Fitness classes to include high impact options like HIIT, kickboxing & circuit training
  • Longevity & suppleness classes like Pilates, Yoga, Barre & Zumba
  • Bodyweight boot camps to help employees reach their ideal BMI
  • Meditation & relaxation classes for inner tranquillity & stress-reduction
  • Pre & post natal classes to support new & expectant mothers

When employees are offered this kind of support, they feel looked-after and are given hope that they can overcome their issues. And by providing a range of options like this, you give them the tools they need to do so.

Support your staff with bespoke BUA FIT classes

At BUA FIT, our corporate wellness programs can be created to meet all of your needs, with the full scope of activities on offer. Whether talking about flexible online meditation sessions that can be enjoyed anywhere or outdoor classes at some of the most iconic locations across London, our bespoke services let you greatly reduce the issue of presenteeism.

To learn more about us and how we do things, just head to our BUA for your business page where you’ll find lots of information. However, if you’re keen to get started and discuss how we can help your organisation, just fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you presently.

We very much look forward to hearing from you.

As always, stay fit, happy, and healthy.

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