Outdoor Fitness; A breath of fresh air

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Outdoor Fitness; A breath of fresh air

It’s the start of March, we’re in the third month of 2020 so now’s the time to get outdoors. We understand January is like a free trial for the year, we’re tired after all the Christmas mania and getting ourselves into gear is sometimes harder than we thought. So if you’re two months in and more productive than ever, you’re killing it! As for the rest of us, this blog will outline the amazing benefits of working out outdoors and maybe take a little pressure off the ‘New year, new me’ status we all posted on Facebook.

1. Connections

The outdoors is a great excuse to connect with the world around us. Spending roughly 14% of our day with our heads firmly buried in our phone, the only exercise we’re getting is in our thumbs from vigorously scrolling Instagram. Attending an outdoor fitness class gives us the privilege of meeting wonderful, vibrant people and really connecting with nature. You’re never too old to unlock your inner child and make friends having fun outside.

2. Mental Health Boost

Getting fit outside is known to drastically improve your mood. Studies show that working out outside reduces depression, anger and anxiety so thank you Vitamin D! Even if it’s a relaxing yoga class or an intense boxing workout, any bit of exercise outdoors will lift you up and hopefully plaster a smile on your face like it does for us here at Bua Fit. It also helps that group classes are that bit more fun and interactive than a stretch in your living room or a treadmill run.

3. Budget Friendly

Last but not least, attending an outdoor fitness class saves you some dough. Why fork out on a gym membership for the year if you’re not sure where to start. Getting outside and interacting with others allows you the freedom of deciding when you go and what you see, and you can pay as you go.

We hope these three reasons convince you to love working out outside as much as we do and maybe kick start your year (yes we know it’s March) with fun amazing people and awesome classes. You are your only obstacle and the world is the limit. Fancy a free Bua Fit trial? Join our community here.

As always, stay fit, and stay healthy.

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We are more than just technology and outdoor fitness.

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