The social club for fitness enthusiasts

The social club for fitness enthusiasts

Social interaction impacts every part of our lives. From Zoom calls as we work from home, to Friday drinks with our friends on Facetime, and limitless scrolls through Instagram and Twitter daily, we’re addicted to connecting with humans online. 

That’s why all things social are at the heart of what we do here at Bua. Whether it’s our group workouts outdoors, where so many friendships have been formed, to our online sessions during lockdown, where we’ve got to know each other in a totally different light (and even have a glimpse at some time class interior design in your homes!), social connectivity has proved to be so important, especially over the past year. 

It’s a well documented fact that we as humans are social, and (on the whole) enjoy social aspects of various parts of life. When we first started Bua Fit, we were looking for ways to connect fitness enthusiasts and personal trainers in a social way through our technology for the industry to build strong relationships in a meaningful way.

One of the favourite parts of our day is reading your posts in the Bua Activity Feed. We love seeing how our classes, trainers, and other participants are inspiring you to get your work-out on each week. 

Bua Fit Trainer Sarah Adkin is our top tip for who you should follow this month. She’s been offering a range of classes in the great outdoors for years, and her sessions are enjoyed by so many people every week.

With our constantly updating activity feed, you’re able to not only interact with our trainers, but also find a professional that can help you with any goals you’re trying to hit. This is the only place in the UK where you can get connected to trainers and other fitness enthusiasts alike, in a social, simple and fun way. And don’t worry, we’re not here to bombard you with awful sales posts throughout the feed – we just want to give you a platform to interact with other fitness enthusiasts.  You can follow their classes, pick up a new recipe, send trainers specific questions and grab a midday short and sharp workout. 

The ability to find not only PTs to help you succeed, but also a variety of classes that you’ll enjoy, all from the comfort of scrolling our activity feed, is why people just keep coming back! And for our trainers, the opportunity to connect with a direct audience of fitness fans means that they can tailor their classes to fit your needs perfectly. A fantastic tool to really build a network of fitness followers over time to make a difference to consumers health and wellbeing.

As always, stay fit and healthy.

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