Wellness programs & how they encourage healthy behaviour

Do a little research on corporate wellness programs and you’ll soon see that they offer a wide range of benefits to the businesses that introduce them. Increased employee retention, work performance and overall job satisfaction number among them, but what’s not perhaps talked about enough are the healthy behaviours that they help to instill.

According to in-depth studies on the subject, employee wellness programs actively work to encourage those that participate to make better lifestyle choices. This means that their benefits extend out into long-term health, significantly reducing the chances of lifestyle-related diseases later in life.

Curbing lifestyle-related health issues

As laid out in a workplace wellness program study published by Rand Health Quarterly, corporate wellness programs help to curb poor lifestyle choices in favour of healthier ones.

The report’s findings showed that when employers provide opportunities to exercise and de-stress, it leads to a desire to improve other aspects of their lives.

Tailored wellness programs offer ample opportunity to work on their physical and mental wellbeing with classes that include:

  • Longevity & suppleness classes like Pilates, Yoga, Barre & Zumba
  • Bodyweight boot camps to help employees reach their ideal BMI
  • Fitness classes to include high impact options like HIIT, kickboxing & circuit training
  • Pre & postnatal classes to support new & expectant mothers
  • Meditation & relaxation classes for inner calm & stress-reduction

Smoking, drinking to excess and poor diet are issues that can also be greatly improved when guidance lifestyle management is offered as a component of wellness programs .

These behaviours can then be encouraged in a long-term and meaningful way, mitigating the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Supporting immediate & long-term vitality

Full-time employees spend 50% of their waking hours at work, meaning that there’s often little time outside of work to work on fitness. Studies show that the majority of workers are very receptive to, in fact, openly seeking the opportunities provided by organised corporate wellness programs to improve their immediate and long-term health.

When a company invests in their employees’ well-being in this way, there are proven advantages in terms of reduced sickness in a truly sustainable way. By giving staff the means to achieve long-term health, the business in question gets to enjoy a more resilient workforce that’s actively encouraged to improve all lifestyle areas.

Healthier, more invested employees

Leading a healthier lifestyle is great for the employee, but what does it mean for the employer? Well, to begin with, healthier staff tend to have more energy and are better able to reach top levels of performance. Greater stamina, reduced stress and calmness of mind – something corporate wellness programs offer in abundance – are all going to have a positive impact.

However, what also comes along with the provision of wellness and wellbeing programs, is an improved bond between employer and employee. Staff tend to feel much more ‘looked after’ and invested in the company they work for, particularly as they understand that it’s the company that’s helped them to be healthier in an out of work.

Tailored BUAFIT corporate wellness programs

So, if you’d like to help your workforce live healthier lives with a tailored wellness program, the BUA FIT team can help. Offering the full range of fitness classes online and in-person at some of London’s most amazing outdoor locations, as well as weight management boot camps, meditation and more, we’ve got everything you need.

To speak to us directly, simply enter details into our contact form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

As always, stay fit, happy, and healthy.

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