5 compelling ways companies can prevent employee burnout

5 compelling ways companies can prevent employee burnout

There’s no getting around the fact that professionals in the present day experience a lot of stress during their working week. Employee burnout is on the rise, as can be seen in a 2021 report by recruitment company, Indeed, which states that over half (52%) of employees would describe themselves as experiencing burnout.

Corporate wellness programs can help employees avoid burnout, which is excellent news when you consider that burnout is one of the leading causes of absenteeism. There are other things you can do to help your employees avoid burnout, which is what we’ll be looking at shortly as we examine five ways to take the pressure off your teams.

What Does Burnout Actually Mean?

When we say someone has burnt out, it means they’re suffering from physical and/or mental exhaustion due to personal and work pressures. This can manifest in a number of ways, from stress, discontent, depression and worry – none of which are conducive to an employee being their most productive selves.

Low rates of team retention, disengagement and productivity are all symptoms that some help is needed, be it through the introduction of a wellness program or something else. Join us now as we examine five burnout-busting methods.

Method #1 – Allow Home Working

One of the key drivers of stress and burnout is the pressure to meet deadlines. However, if you restrict employees to working certain hours, it’s naturally going to make them feel the intensity that goes along with it. That said, if you can allow home-working from time to time, as well as flexible hours, it’s likely to result in a much more relaxed team member.

Method #2 – Clearly Define Job Roles

When there’s conflict or confusion about what responsibilities roles in your company carry, it’s going to lead to stress eventually. Because of this, the exact obligations of a person in the role need to be clearly communicated so they know precisely what they have to do and when they have to do it.

Method #3 – Offer Adequate Job Training

Staggeringly, as many as 1 in 4 UK employees feels that they’re not given adequate training to fulfil their roles. That means there are a lot of stressed people out there who have to learn as they go – hoping for the best. When proper job training isn’t given, you can’t expect top performance, as they’re essentially working blind.

Method #4 – Operate an Open Door Policy

Your employees are human beings, which means they aren’t perfect and have a life outside work. Sometimes, they need someone to talk to, but if they don’t feel like they can reach out to their employer, they won’t. However, by operating a genuine open-door policy, you’ll allow them to come to you for help – which can make all the difference.

Method #5 – Introduce a Corporate Wellness Program

There’s nothing more useful when it comes to de-stressing than enjoying exercise as part of an organised, structured wellness program . Releasing feelgood endorphins and improving health, even gentle exercise can lift mood, re-energize and prevent burnout. All this, as your staff get steadily healthier and stronger.

By implementing these five suggestions, your team will feel not only less stressed and less likely to burn out but are also going to think that you’re a caring employer who’s invested in their career – something that also helps with staff retention.

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That’s it from us this time.

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