6 Top Tips For A Successful Yoga Workout

6 Top Tips For A Successful Yoga Workout

Did you know that over 300 million people in the world practise yoga? Whilst India still reigns supreme with the number of yoga enthusiasts, the UK isn’t far behind, with around 30,000 yoga classes taught every single week.

But what do you need to make your yoga workout be the best one yet?

Level up

Find the sort of yoga that works for you. Want slow and steady – why not try hatha? If you work a bit more of a deeper workout, check out hot yoga or power yoga.

Get comfy

You’ll want to find the right workout gear for your yoga sessions. Breathable, flexible bottoms, such as shorts, or yoga leggings, are ideal. On your top half, a sports bra (low impact) and tshirt will suffice. As long as you’re comfortable, and you can move freely, that’s all that matters. Grip socks are a fantastic addition to any yoga classes, as they’ll help you keep your balance on the mat.

Warm up

Yoga is all about being in tune with your body, moving in a way that doesn’t hurt, and improving your flexibility and core strength. By stretching your muscles before you enjoy a yoga class, your body will be in a better place to complete each exercise more effectively, with a wider range of motion.


Breathing is probably the most important part of a yoga workout. Being in tune with your body, and finding a deeper harmony between body and mind is central to these workouts. You’ll learn so many new breathing techniques during your yoga classes.

Practise, practise, practise

Practise at home – little and often will get your brain in the right gear, and help you improve over time. Your body will start to feel more comfortable and familiar with the specific movements, and you’ll become more aware of how your body feels in each position.

Have fun!

Will you fall over when you start? More than likely. Will you be able to do every pose? Absolutely not. Don’t take yourself too seriously. We were all beginners once.

Book yourself into a BUA yoga class now, and as always, stay fit, happy, and healthy.


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