BUA FIT’s ultimate 80’s workout playlist

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BUA FIT’s ultimate 80’s workout playlist

It’s been a couple of months now since our Christmas playlist suggestions, and whilst we’re sure you saw some great results from those festive workouts it’s perhaps time to stick Mariah on hold for the next ten months or so. After a brief discussion at Bua Fit HQ we settled upon offering up some of our favourite workout anthems from the decade of excess, big hair and questionable cat suits – it could only be the 80s.  So, channel your inner Meatloaf and stick on these thumping hits the next time you get the blood pumping…

Lipps Inc. – Funky Town

Possibly the most infectious, hook-filled song of the decade, and the only legitimate way to kick-off an 80s themed workout. You’ll understand when you try it…

Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Wanna’ Have Fun

One that the ladies will love and the men will pretend not to – this classic from Cyndi Lauper is real mood-booster for anyone in need of a little on-demand positivity injection; and that includes you, gents!

Bryan Adams – Summer of 69

This track has the weird ability of making us reminisce back on years we didn’t even live through – that summer did seem to last forever though, right? Bryan’s yearnful vocals and overdriven guitar tones are absolutely what we need to help us over the mid-way point.

Eurhythmics – Sweet Dreams

Annie Lennox – the queen of the 80s and a master crafter of a quality workout tune. This masterpiece from her time with Eurhythmics is dark, atmospheric, and drowned in the kind of pulsating rhythms that oughta’ keep you going for days.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Relax

Workouts, whilst naturally challenging, are supposed to be fun and if there’s anything that’ll remind of that it’s ol’ Frankie telling you to relax. Especially helpful for those of you who get a little frustrated in the more challenging stages of a workout.

Bonnie Tyler – I Need a Hero

As you’re nearing the end of your workout there’s a chance you’ll be sharing Bonnies sentiment in this powerful chorus, but if there’s anything to be learnt from this disgracefully cheesy hit, it’s that by powering on through the hard times you’ll always come out on top.

Aerosmith ft. RUN DMC – Walk This Way

Joe Perry’s gargantuan guitar riff, Rev Run’s raucous rapping and Steven Tyler’s thunderous wailing – what more could you want in a workout song? Saying that, Run This Way would perhaps be a more fitting title.

Survivor – Eye of The Tiger

What better way to end the playlist than with this monstrously motivating classic from those legends in leopard print, Survivor. The ultimate anthem for a sprint finish – if it’s good enough for Rocky it’s good enough for us…

Be sure to follow the Spotify playlist below and as ways, stay fit and healthy!

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