Can you drink too much coffee?

Can you drink too much coffee?

Despite its popularity, in health circles coffee often gets a bad rep and people may often be cautioned not to drink too much.

What does that even mean?

Not much, frankly. Coffee is one of the most researched food supplements going, and the research is overwhelmingly positive.

For example, 3-5 cups per day have been shown to confer significant protection against Type-2 Diabetes.

2-3 cups per day have been shown to confer significant protection against dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Much of the negative knock on coffee is attributed to its caffeine content, but here is the thing: the caffeine content is part of why it is beneficial, for both metabolic and neurological health.

In addition to the caffeine content, coffee is rich in polyphenols, a group of plant compounds that contribute significantly to our health.

And if you are sensitive to caffeine, you simply alter your dose accordingly! Maybe 1-2 cups per day is for you, not 3-4. Also, if you’re not a great sleeper, simply consume your caffeine in the early morning to allow for it to get out of your system (average of 5hrs), in time for a restful sleep.

So, personal preferences obviously excepted (if you don’t like it, don’t drink it!), there really is no legitimate reason to avoid coffee for health reasons. In fact, you’d be doing your health a disservice!

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