Corporate wellness tips that enhance employee productivity

In the modern age, professionals are under all kinds of pressures, whether it’s the pressure to perform at work, pay the mortgage or any of life’s many challenges. These stressors represent a huge barrier to achieving a workforce full of healthy and happy employees.

Stress is one of the biggest threats to corporate wellness, often manifesting in headaches, lack of motivation and poor focus. However, it’s not all bad news, as you can counteract this with some well chosen wellness tips that your employees can use to feel happier in their work and be more productive.

So, if you’re ready, let’s get to it!

Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind!

Have you ever noticed that organised people tend to be really calm? Well, that’s because they know where everything is and they’re able to find things when they need to. So, when it comes to the workstations of your employees, it can only help if they’re organised, neat and tidy.

Encouraging staff to declutter their desks absolutely comes with health benefits for your business, because like they say “tidy desk, tidy mind!”. Having a clean, uncluttered workspace is proven to boost feelings of physical and mental wellness. Need some help? Try following this link for some inspiration!

Encourage Stretch Breaks Every Hour

Our next tip for corporate wellness is to get staff to take hourly stretch breaks, as it’s known to reduce fatigue. When we’re tired, we stretch, as it’s the body’s way of getting more blood to the muscles, delivering the nutrients required to ‘wake’ them up – as an athlete would.

What’s more, stretching gently warms your muscles up, greatly reducing the chance of muscle injury. By simply setting an alarm every 60 minutes and stretching each time it goes off, your employees will boost alertness and in turn, productivity. Click here to find examples of stretches you can do in the office.

Create An Employee Meditation Group

Another way to ensure you have happy and healthy employees is to start a meditation group for them to attend on a periodic basis. Meditation offers a number of proven benefits to the body and mind, with blood pressure, depression and anxiety all being reduced significantly during a session.

All that’s required is a quiet room that’s kept free at a certain time each day or week and a message that goes out to everyone about when it’s being held. The longer this is offered, the more word will spread and more will invariably attend. Not sure how to go about guided meditation? Follow this link. Or contact BUA and we’ll find a meditation guru for you who can come in or conduct the session over BUA LIVE.

Offer A Corporate Exercise Program

Exercise is something that releases endorphins like serotonin that boost feelings of positivity. This is further enhanced by the fact that these same endorphins help to promote good sleep, compounding a person’s alertness and motivation. This is why implementing a wellness and fitness program for your business is such a good idea.

In addition to making people feel healthier and happier, organised programs make employees feel valued and supported. Corporate wellness offers tangible financial benefits to business too, as more work will get done, so the investment you make will pay you back many times over – a natural consequence of having healthy and happy employees.

Corporate Wellbeing Solutions On Your Terms

At BUA FIT, we offer tailored corporate wellness solutions that represent the easiest and most flexible way to get your employees active and healthy. In addition to boxing, yoga, HIIT, meditation, Zumba and bodyweight classes, we offer trampoline classes, sound baths, nutrition advice and more.

Provided outdoors at a variety of creative locations or online via our intuitive streaming platform, we offer a safe and fast way to access fitness professionals that provide a service completely tailored to your needs. Whichever option you choose, everything is taken care of and setup couldn’t be easier.

So, if you’d like to know more about our platform and the wellness and fitness program services we provide, we encourage you to take a look around our BUA website. There you’ll find everything you need to know and more.

That’s it from us this time. Check back with us soon to avoid missing out on our next blog from the home of corporate wellness.

As always, stay fit, happy and healthy.

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