Fitness for businesses – prioritising health in the workplace

Fitness for businesses – prioritising health in the workplace

Did you know that professionals in London currently spend 93% of their lives indoors? We didn’t either, until we started to research why fitness was so important for Londoners.

Being stuck in front of a screen for most of your day is not good for your health – it’s not fun, and our body needs sunlight to get that much needed vitamin D.

BUA means victory, and we created our brand to ensure that everyone could be victorious in their fitness journey. But with so much time being spent working in front of a screen, some of the onus is on businesses to get their employees out and about and encourage them to put their health at the front of their mind.

Why are we focusing on London?

Londoners face one of the longest commutes worldwide. We go from sitting on the tube, to sitting at a desk. And to top it all off, we receive about three weeks less holiday than our friends throughout Europe! After spending an average of 6.5 hours per day in front of the computer, we believe that our bosses can offer us more away time from the screen, to keep us happy, healthy and motivated.

Why would my boss want to help me get fit?

Well, if you’re happy, then your boss gets to enjoy a happier, more engaged workplace. By affording you the ability to work out, and stay on top of your physical and mental health, you’re more likely to be more productive, and stick around for longer!

Will it improve my working relationships?

Absolutely! You’ll notice improved communication and collaboration among staff, and you can be sure that the employee turnover rate will be lowered as well. After all, if people feel valued, they’re likely to stay put in a workplace they’re happy with.

Why would free workouts fuel workplace productivity?

Employees benefits are the second biggest reason to accept a job, directly behind salary. By allowing workers the freedom to enjoy workouts that they don’t need to fund, they’re more likely to stay energised, productive, and happy, ensuring better output in the workplace.

At BUA, we offer tailored packages for businesses to suit specific budgets and needs. Give us a shout today, and let’s see how we can help your company get fit, healthy, and happy.

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