Future proofing your health: Screening tests every man needs

Future proofing your health: Screening tests every man needs

Are your vital organs healthy and how would you know? Is your libido low and how so? We can easily soothe cuts and bruises on the outside, but Numan uncovers what really lurks beneath. 

Being in your optimal health is twofold, both preventative and curative. With the rise of wearable wellness tech, more than ever before, we are tracking our wellbeing – from our step count to our heart rate. We have become responsible data doctors of our own health and pushed preventative healthcare into a top global trend.  

Going a step further than current wearable tech are progressive enterprises like Numan, curating at-home and easy-to-use health check-ups for our most important organs and internal processes. A once exclusive arena dominated by the health giants like Bupa and tied to an executive job – such check-ups are now widespread and accessible, with no impact on health insurance premiums. We can take control, spot issues early, and see the success of certain supplements, treatments, or health plans.   

Our collaboration with Numan gives all BUA users 50% off the Home Health MOT. This is top shelf health featuring an easy-to-use finger prick blood test at home, which then divulges thyroid, cholesterol, diabetes and vitamin biomarkers, with a follow-up doctor consultation to talk about your goals and future. Click here and hit BLOOD TESTS or throw in the code, buafit, at checkout for 50% off everything (for new subscriptions and 50% off medications for the first month).

As men, what should we be looking out for as health checkers?  

Liver, kidney & thyroid function

The three musketeers. Check that heavy nights out aren’t playing havoc with the detoxification abilities of your liver and kidneys. If you’re working out, but not feeling the perks of sky high energy levels and weight loss, an underactive thyroid could be a culprit. On the flip side, difficulty sleeping and weakness is indicative of an overactive thyroid. Thyroid symptoms develop slowly, so you may not notice them, but both are treatable with hormones.

Cholesterol levels 

Numan’s blood lipid test includes cholesterol, which if heightened is a leading factor in heart disease, attacks and strokes as it hardens and narrows the arteries. High cholesterol is a silent killer since it’s symptom-less, hence why testing is so vital (especially if you have a family history of heart disease). Lifestyle and diet changes can significantly reduce bad lipid levels.  

Blood sugars  

1/3 of Brits with diabetes don’t know they have it. Uncontrolled diabetes leads to heart disease, stroke, kidney issues, nerve damage, blindness, and impotence. Men’s most common form of diabetes is Type 2 otherwise known as adult-onset diabetes. If found early enough diabetes can be reversed by weight loss, exercise diet tweaks, and /or insulin medications.   


Determines your libido, informs your muscle size and strength, and fertility. Testing can uncover the reason for reduced sex drive, erectile dysfunction, or difficulty getting partners pregnant. 

Monitor your mood 

Men suffer from depression as much as women do, but more than a 1/3 are less likely to seek help for it. Depression has a wide range of symptoms ranging from a feeling of hopelessness, sadness, exhaustion, loss of interest in everyday life, low sex drive, and sleeping problems. Numan tests for vitamin D (responsible for mood changes and tiredness), haemoglobin counts and ferritin levels (indicators of anemia that cause extreme fatigue), and for an under-active thyroid which can lead to depression. 

Armed with the info about your biomarkers and baselines, you can make informed decisions upon how to lead a better and happier life. Our health is our biggest wealth so look after those limbs and prevent health problems that will otherwise blindside us at 3am on a Monday. Prevention is always better than cure so grab a tidy 50% off at Numan here.

As always, stay fit and stay healthy.  


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