Meet your trainers: Coach Saima

Meet your trainers: Coach Saima

Saima has been one of our class trainers since January 2019, and has proved to be very popular with our London members. 

You may recognise the name. That’s because Bua Fit’s Coach Saima often pops up on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, as a fitness and mindset specialist. 

As a mum-of-three, Saima understands only too well how life can get in the way, however good your workout intentions are. So she took it upon herself to make it just that little bit easier for overworked parents, or exhausted city-workers, to keep exercising. Her tagline is that she ‘helps stressed people feel and look strong through fitness.’ Now those are words we can live by!

“Fitness is a lot more than just sweat and reps – it can be the foundation of achieving personal life goals” Saima explains. 

She went on to say “ I want to show you how staying fit can help create balance, have a stronger mindset and determination.”

Saima’s 2.5k Instagram followers (@coach_saima) enjoy a varied mix of fitness-related content, including five minute workout videos for Full-body HIIT, Ass Ass Ass (no bonus points for guessing what that focuses on!), Burn Baby Burn and Abs Burners.

You can enjoy some of Saima’s ‘behind-the-scenes’ content on Instagram too, with her favourite cakes, coffee joints, and son joining her on-screen, to add some sugar, serotonin and smiles to your day. 

As well as offering 1:1 personal training, and being a brand ambassador for Decathlon UK, Saima still finds time to run Bua Fit classes every week. 

She started teaching outdoor bootcamps five years ago, and Saima certainly hasn’t left her roots behind. You can join her for her online class ‘Cardio and Core’, which she offers once a week. Alternatively you can head down to Fairfield Park for one of her renowned Bootcamps, which she runs twice a week. 

Saima’s bootcamps and workouts have been recently recognised and marketed by the super famous Women’s Health.

So what are you waiting for? Book onto one of Saima’s classes now.

As always, stay fit and healthy.

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