Warm up: The workout essentials

Warm up: The workout essentials

With the colder weather approaching, and the need to exercise still as important as ever, it’s time to put our bodies first. 

No, that doesn’t mean heading out on a 10k run without so much as a hamstring stretch, It doesn’t mean curling 30kg without making sure your arms are ready. And it certainly doesn’t mean doing squat jumps and jarring your back. 

Our body is our temple. Here at Bua Fit we take that seriously. We love our bodies. Not only do we want them to look good, we also want them to feel great – the better we feel, the harder we can work out.

Although we have some online classes available since lockdown started, the majority of our classes are outdoors. With the winter months encroaching, it’s so important to ensure that our bodies are warm and agile before we start any workout, so we can hit each workout to the best of our abilities, and not come out sporting an injury. 

Healthy heart

When you warm up, you’re preparing your entire body for a workout – not just the muscles that you think you’re going to use – your biceps, glutes, hamstrings – but also the bits you might not give a second thought to…. Your heart, for example. 

By warming up at a low intensity, you can gradually increase your heart rate and circulation, so your body’s ready for the higher intensity work that’s to come. By doing this, and increasing your body temperature, your body will perform at a better level, and you won’t be left feeling so stiff during and after your workout. 

Performance booster

As well as preparing physically, a warm-up also gives you some time to prepare mentally. It’s important to enjoy your workout, not just tolerate it. 

By warming up, you’ll be able to exercise with more flexibility, increased strength, and better speed. Would a top athlete ever run the 100m without a stretch? Would a footballer start a match without stretching their hamstrings? Would a tennis player serve without warming up their back and shoulders? No…and nor should you. 

Get the joints working

Show your body some TLC. When you warm up, your body will increase in temperature, and more blood will flow to your muscles. In turn, your joints and tendons will be under less stress. With less chance of getting injured, you’ll be able to exercise with greater intensity, and less worry. 

All of our trainers at Bua Fit know the importance of warming up before you work out, so you’ll be able to enjoy your workout in the knowledge that you’re in safe hands. But if you’re working out alone, make sure you do it whilst giving your body the best chance at success. 

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As always, stay fit and healthy.

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