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Workouts: Come rain or shine



Workouts: Come rain or shine

Whether it’s raining, sunny, or that annoying in-between stage, we don’t want to stagnate, and not work out for days – or weeks – on end. In England we feel like we need to go out dressed for any possible weather event, whether it’s January or July. Here are our top tips of what to do to ensure you’re ready for any weather eventuality when working out:

Check the forecast

Although you can see a forecast up to two weeks in advance, it’s far more accurate closer to the time. The day before your workout, check your weather app and see what it says. If it says it’s going to rain, check the % chance of rain. A lot of weather apps predict rain, but only with a low chance of it actually happening. 

With this information you can plan accordingly when it comes to your clothes, footwear and accessories for your workout. 

In the cold

Although it’s always advised to warm up before exercising, your muscles need an even more comprehensive warm up when the weather is cold, as your muscles will also be cold. 

Make sure you wear layered clothing, but don’t get too hot! A t-shirt, thin sweatshirt and lightweight jacket should do the trick. Try and avoid cotton – it stays damp for longer than other materials. Polyester, fleece or wool are ideal for your middle layer – they act as a heat insulator. 

In the wet

What starts as a drizzle can still be a fully blown downpour. It’s important to have waterproof clothing, rather than just water-resistant garments. If you’re going for a run, you’ll also want a lightweight jacket with a hood, to keep your head dry, and your ears warm. 

No-one likes soggy shoes, and especially hates soggy socks. Invest in some good waterproof shoes, and keep your toes cosy and warm!

In the heat

Your body is put under far more stress than usual when you exercise in hot weather, so it’s important to look after yourself. Your heart rate increases due to blood circulation, and your body temperature increases. 

If you’re new to exercise, take it slowly. Don’t rush into a hardcore workout in the scorching sun. The same applies if you’re used to working out inside, or in a cooler setting. If you can avoid the sun between 12-4pm, that’s ideal, so morning or evening workouts are popular in the warmer months. 

Make sure you drink enough water to replenish the fluids you’re losing whilst sweating, and dress appropriately – you don’t want to wear a hoodie and long leggings if it’s 30 degrees outside. Of course, if your exercise class takes place out in the open, don’t forget the sunscreen!

As always, stay fit and healthy.

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