20% of direct business expenses are caused by stress

When you’re running a business of any kind, margins matter and when talking about your workforce, how stressed they are can affect them significantly. The statistics bear this out too, as it’s said that as much as 20% of your direct business expenses could be caused by stress. However, corporate wellness programs can help you mitigate the issue.

When a person is stressed, they’re not able to focus properly and their work can suffer. An immense 79% of all employees in Britain suffer from work-related stress – a figure that has spiked since the start of the pandemic. It’s also something that’s expected to continue rising, so organisations need to take proactive, meaningful steps to address it.

Workplace stress comes at a high price

Corporate wellness programs  are becoming more popular all the time because of their efficacy in alleviating stress. You see, when someone goes through the personal anguish that stress causes, the organisation also suffers and it can come at a high price. In terms of turnover, work interruptions and absenteeism, the financial cost can be heavy.

To put it into a wider context, workplace stress costs UK businesses as much as £4 billion each and every year. Combined with mental illness – something that can be caused by stress – that number rises to nearly £26 billion per year. It would be true to say that investing in wellness and outdoor fitness programs  is justified in the face of these realities.

So, how do corporate wellness programs combat stress?

Modern workplaces can be stressful places, but there are a number of ways in which it can be combated with the activities provided as part of a wellness program. Exercise gets those endorphins flowing.

When you exercise, feel-good neurotransmitters known as endorphins are released into the bloodstream. These endorphins are highly effective at making a person feel less stressed, with mood also improving as a result. All of the day’s frustrations and stresses simply melt away after a good workout session.

Corporate wellness programs offer lots of opportunities to get the blood pumping, as they can include both high and low impact exercise. From HIIT training to step classes to boxing classes, the activities can be set up to meet the needs of all your employees, with in-person and remote options available.

Meditation lets people control stress

Another way in which wellness programs can approach the issue of stress is through mindfulness and meditative training. Meditation helps people to attain a state of tranquillity and deep relaxation, with all the stressors whizzing around a person’s mind able to be tamed.

In addition to meditation, classes like ‘Sound Baths’ can be extremely effective at inducing happy feelings. The unique sessions include being literally surrounded by nurturing sound waves that again allow everyday stresses to melt away. The result? Happier, more balanced, less-stressed employees.

Help employees fight stress with BUA FIT classes

So, if you’re looking for ways to reduce stress in your workplace, the most effective way to do so is with flexible, all-encompassing corporate wellness programs. That’s what we offer at BUA FIT, as we can provide you with the solutions that exactly meet the needs of your business.

Whether you need online seminars to engage your remote workers, lunchtime yoga classes or stimulating, sunset outdoor fitness classes at some of the Capital’s most iconic locations, we’ve got you covered. Speak to us directly, just enter your details into our contact form and we’ll get back to you asap.

As always, stay fit, happy, and healthy.

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