5 signs your company’s wellness program is working

5 signs your company’s wellness program is working

Over the last few years, corporate wellness programs have become extremely popular in the business world, as awareness of the many benefits they offer grows. An ROI of £1.50 for every £1 spent is just one example of what these kinds of wellness programs offer, with higher employee retention, productivity and overall improved health representing just a few others.

That said, to enjoy these benefits, wellness programs  need to be well-thought-out and sufficiently flexible to cater for everyone within an organisation. A logical question to ask at this point is – how do I know my company’s wellness offering is up to scratch? Well, certain metrics will indicate how successful your program is currently.

So, let’s see what they are…

Sign #1 – Increased Productivity

The first indicator that your wellness program  is hitting the right notes is increased output from your staff. Not only will your employees feel healthier and be able to work harder for longer, but they’ll also be more engaged with their work. Studies conducted by the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) show that 90% of businesses employing a wellness program have seen an upturn in their output.

Sign #2 – Reduced Turnover of Employees

Another virtuous effect of focusing on wellness in the workplace is increased engagement and appreciation of your company culture. Employees who feel valued tend to stick around for longer, reducing your staff turnover as a result. Not having to continually find new employees and absorb the cost of recruitment and training boosts any business.

Sign #3 – Fewer Sick Days Being Taken

Something else you’ll have likely noticed if your company has an effective, flexible corporate wellness program  is fewer sick days being taken by your team. You see, a workforce that’s healthier due to being fitter is naturally going to get sick less frequently. With sickness costing businesses around £568 per employee per year, it can amount to a huge saving.

Sign #4 – Everyone Is Taking Part in the Program

Participation in wellness programs is invariably voluntary, which means that there’s a risk that a portion of your workforce won’t get involved. However, if your program is flexible and offers something that appeals to everyone – e.g. meditation, HIIT training, organised sports, prenatal classes – you’ll usually find that uptake is much higher. If most are participating, you’re doing something right!

Sign #5 – Other Office Behaviours Are Healthier

Wellness programs also help to teach people about how to live a healthy lifestyle, which extends out into dietary behaviours. Should you find that people are ditching the lunchtime trip out for fast food for something healthier, it’s a sign that what’s being taught is having a real impact. It might be a subtle change in behaviour, but watch out for it.

Is Your Wellness Program  Delivering Results?

If you’re currently seeing all of the above happening in your workplace, then congratulations – you are witnessing the effects of a well-constructed wellness strategy and you’re on the right track. If not, then a change may be in order and at BUA FIT, we are well placed to offer what you’re currently missing out on.

Our bespoke programs can be enjoyed on a pay-as-you-go or all-inclusive basis and we offer a truly eclectic mix of options from Detox Yoga to Bollywood Fitness and everything else in between. To find out more about this or our choices of amazing outdoor London locations or online class options, reach out to a member of our team by simply entering your company details into our contact form and we’ll reply without delay. Remember, if your wellness program  isn’t delivering results, then something needs to change and the BUA team is on hand to make that happen.

As always, stay fit, happy, and healthy.

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