5 super healthy reasons to why you should drink more green tea!



5 super healthy reasons to why you should drink more green tea!

It’s not a stretch to say green tea is one the healthiest drinks on the planet. Tea is second only to water as the most widely consumed beverage globally, and as a result has the potential to give us a range of health benefits through.  

For real.

The benefits are due to the type of compounds in green tea, known as polyphenols, which includes green tea catechins and a particular compound called EGCG. 

The compounds do some incredible work in the body.  Let’s look at some of those benefits.

1. Green tea may improve brain function

Green tea contains the amino acid l-theanine, which promotes a state of focused awareness and increases concentration. And the flavanoids in green tea contain compounds that protect brain cells as we age, helping to combat cognitive decline. 

2. Green tea may protect against cancer

Green tea may inhibits the growth of cancer cells, and promote cell death in cancerous cells. Green tea catechins have an antioxidant effect, protecting against carcinogenic processes.

3. Green tea protects against heart disease

Green tea reduces LDL cholesterol, but more importantly for heart disease protects LDL from becoming oxidised – it’s oxidised LDL that gets stuck in artery walls and becomes plaque. 

4. Green tea protects against diabetes

Even if you’re not a risk for diabetes, green tea helps you process carbohydrates in your diet better.

In order to get into storage, we really have two destinations for carbohydrates once digested – muscle tissue or fat. Green tea inhibits the absorption of carbs, and directs glucose we take in through diet into muscle tissue, where we want it. 

5. Green tea helps you lose fat

Green tea promotes the breakdown and release of stored fat, meaning you can then burn it off as energy. This effect is particularly seen in people have not developed a tolerance to caffeine. So if you’re looking to get off caffeine dependence, and still want a nutrient that will potently help you burn fat, green tea is it. 

That’s a pretty impressive list. So it’s worth getting green tea right! A common complaint is that many people find it quite bitter. This is simply because it’s been steeped too long. 

It’s worth moving from the tea-bagged green tea and getting yourself a high quality, loose-leaf tea. 

Brewing tip 1: Don’t go with just-boiled water – green tea steeps best around 80 degrees, so leave the kettle 5-minutes after boiling before pouring. 

Brewing tip 2: Short steeps! The first steep should be MAX 30 seconds. This will avoid any bitterness. Subsequent steeps, you can increase the time by 30 seconds each time. 

As always, stay fit, and stay healthly!
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