BUA’s top 10 wellness tips



BUA’s top 10 wellness tips

When it involves wellness and health, at Bua we say that it’s the littlest and most consistent efforts that bring the best results. 

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat patients with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition and lifestyle measures.”

So here are Bua & Healthy Mays’s top 10 health and lifestyle tips to help you lead a happy healthy Mays life!

Eat Healthy Foods

Food is life, what we put in our bodies directly affects how we think, sleep and feel.  In order to have energy to train Bua can’t stress the importance of healthy eating to keep you fighting fit and live a long and prosperous life avoiding chronic lifestyle diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Try to reduce red meat and animal fats. Eat plenty of fibre, wholegrains, vegetables, fruits and oily fish. Avoid those nasties like processed high sugar foods, drink lots of water & limit caffeine.

Find your Purpose

Do you wake up and dread going to work? Are you passionate about your job? Bua knows that true happiness comes from finding our purpose and pursuing that in life. So, ask yourself, what is it that makes my heart sing with joy? And try to put steps in place to do more of that.

Take time to enjoy

Set aside time for activities, hobbies and projects that you enjoy. Read a book; reflect and write; take a bike ride or a long walk in nature; watch a movie; draw or paint; learn to cook a new healthy recipe; play with your pets – whatever tickles your fancy.

Notice the here and now

Take a moment and try to ‘be’ in the moment – feel the sun and wind on your face and notice the air you breathe. Practise mindfulness; breathe deeply, focus on being in the here and now.

Get enough sleep

Our bodies revolve around a circadian clock. Bua’s top sleep tips involve getting into a routine of sleeping/waking at regular times & aiming for 7-8 hours sleep a night. Research says if you sleep between 10pm-12pm you will get the deepest REM sleep and wake up feeling most refreshed.

Connect with others and talk

Develop and maintain strong relationships with the people who support you and enrich your life. Share, laugh, eat and enjoy life together. Reach out to friends and family when you need support. Building connections with others increases our sense of belonging. Join our Bua classes either in person or virtual to connect to likeminded individuals


Physical activity improves psychological well-being and can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression by releasing endorphins. It is one of the most effective and natural ways to help you feel good, inside and out. With Bua you are in the right place, with a huge range of both outdoor and online classes to choose from & some amazing cost-effective packages too.

Deal with stress

Be aware of what triggers stress for you and put in place tools to manage stress such as meditation, breathwork, walking in nature or just phoning a friend. Exercise releases endorphins too and really helps manage stress levels.

Limit alcohol

Whilst boozing might be fun, Bua & Healthy Mays always recommend moderating it’s use. Those late boozy nights could easily turn into binge drinking sessions which disturb our digestive health and are linked to certain cancers. As well as that those hang overs can make us feel depressed & more likely to crave calorific bad carbohydrate foods. On top of that, alcohol is full of calories helping you to gain weight so for optimum Bua health, its quality over quantity.

Watch your weight

Fat around the belly not only doesn’t look too good but can link to chronic disease. Bua recommends trying intermittent fasting or time restricted eating, a these are very effective tools for tummy trimming (consult your doctor if you are on any medications).

Hi, I’m Healthy Mays and I’m a registered nutritionist and certified yoga, breathwork and meditation teacher. I work with clients to help them achieve their health goals via 1-1 nutrition support and I have been featured in publications such as Women’s Health, Health & Wellbeing and Bella.

You can find all my offerings and contact me via my Bua Fit Profile.
I’d love to help you reach your goals. Healthy Mays x

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