Cold air? We’re just warming up!



Cold air? We’re just warming up!

Tuesday 22nd September saw the start of Autumn. Orange, crunchy leaves underfoot. Colder nights. Dewy grass in the mornings. 

But along with the cooler days, and frosty nights, come a reluctance to spend additional time outside. With COVID keeping numerous people away from gyms, and indoor space at home being an issue, the question is ‘but how do I keep fit during the winter months?’

According to the website Health Club Management, there has been a huge rise in outdoor fitness classes in the UK since gyms reopened. From yoga to spinning, bootcamp to core, gym chains and fitness companies alike are weather-proofing outdoor classes, so they can continue throughout the year, come rain or shine (we’re in England…rain is probably more likely). 

Here at Bua Fit, we’re not just here for the summer, the warm days, and the easy times. We’re here to motivate you all year round. Gone are the days when being ‘beach body ready’ was a thing – today it’s about staying fit and healthy, and feeling good in your own skin, all year. 

Now we’re on the topic of feeling good, let’s talk *fresh air*, and the benefits of working out in nature.

Fresh air has been scientifically proven to make you feel great! Research has shown that fresh air helps you digest your food more effectively, as well as improve both your blood pressure and heart rate, and even strengthen your immune system and reduce obesity rates. Factor all of these areas in, and you can quickly see how a bit of fresh air can really improve your life. 

Your lungs will also feel the benefit of the cooler air during autumn and winter. Your lungs’ airways dilate more fully, and the cleansing of your lungs is more efficient when you’re breathing in the fresh air. You’ll also benefit from more energy, and a sharper mind. Research has shown that 90% of people saw an increase of energy after spending time exercising outside, in natural settings. 

One of the main plus-points of outdoor exercise, year-round, is the adaptability of sessions and workout movements. Group sessions and outdoor workouts can be adapted to your ability, level of fitness, and comfort levels. 

So far, 2020 may not be a year to remember, but let’s make this winter a time you won’t want to forget, by creating your best version of yourself. 
Check out all the Bua Fit classes available throughout the rest of the year, and set yourself up for success.

As always, stay fit and healthy.

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