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Finally! How to Get Fitter Faster Without Committing To Another Service

Finally! How to Get Fitter Faster Without Committing To Another Service

1-3 Hours of Outdoor Exercise A Week Favours A Positive Direction In Your Life

Hey Everyone,

September is a great month to focus on getting fit and healthy after a long Summer! Our mission is to get more people training outdoors as its proven to be a healthier way to stay active.

What we do different is; focus on exercising your mind as well as your body. This combination leads to a healthier soul! Our trainers only execute classes outdoors to give you that balance of training indoors and outdoors. Why?

Research suggests the effect of exercise on the mind tends to favour a positive direction in your life. Several studies, including one published in Environmental Science and Technology in 2011 suggest exercise outdoors benefited mental well-being more than the same type of exercise inside.

We encourage you to train indoors and always focus on your preference. However, 1/2 sessions outdoors can really make a difference to your over all health and wellbeing.  Check out some of the Bua Classes on platform. We are moving East and South East slowly but surely but our presence is dominated in Southwest. If you book in with a friend it is 2-for-1 so just hit the chat button on the web to avail.

As always, stay fit and stay healthy!
Team Bua Fit 👊

We are more than just technology and outdoor fitness.
We are more than just technology and outdoor fitness.

Bua means victory! When either client or trainer signs up to our service. they're both one step closer to victory in achieving their fitness goal or building their outdoor fitness business.

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