Five Reasons to Workout on Your Lunch Break

Five Reasons to Workout on Your Lunch Break

No matter where you work, whether you’re a journalist, a record label executive or a church bell ringer, you can always rely on one thing. Come lunch time there’ll be one or two of your esteemed colleagues suited and booted ready for their daily dozen; And whilst you may initially look upon their lunchtime shenanigans as slightly barmy, we happen to think they may be on to something. Here are just a few reasons to slip into that workout gear and get active on your next lunch break:

1. You’ll Dodge the 5PM Slump

After a demanding day in the office and a troublesome commute home you’d be forgiven for switching out those workout plans for some one-on-one time with your favourite armchair. Slip that workout into your lunch hour and you’ll leave your evenings uninterrupted and totally guilt-free. Ideal for those whose motivation takes a dive post-5pm.

2. You’ll Avoid the Crowds

Londoners, you know how busy the streets can get before and after the working day. Bypass those manic rush hour crowds and get out there whilst everyone else is chowing down on their Tesco value meal deal. The absence of rushing commuters will bring an added sense of calm to your workout and perhaps offer you a chance to try a few things you’d be a little more hesitant to try in front of an audience.

3. You’ll De-Stress

Exercise can be the perfect way to reduce stress and anxiety, having a much bigger impact on your mental health and your overall mood than most people think. That mid-day workout can offer some much needed respite when used to divide up a particularly busy day, or offer up some free-of-charge stress relief in prep for that big afternoon meeting. Try it for yourself!

4. You’ll Get On With It

If you’re anything like us, then the pressure of a time-limited workout will do wonders for your ability to actually get stuck in to your workout straight away. The inclusion of a solid start and end time will push you to work harder, ensure maximum efficiency in your exercising, and put a stop to that pre-workout procrastination that we’re all guilty of from time to time.

5. You’ll Actually Leave the Office

On particularly manic days in the office it can be tempting to scour the fridge for the remnants of yesterday’s pasta salad and use your lunch break to squeeze in an extra hour of work, but remember – the lunch break is YOUR time. By committing to a regular midday workout you’ll ensure that not a second of that break goes to waste.


As always, stay fit and stay healthy,

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