How corporate wellness programs boost mental well-being

How corporate wellness  programs boost mental well-being

Never before has mental health been more focused on than it is today and rightly so, as it’s something that affects us all to a degree. The challenges faced by modern workforces are familiar to us all, with stress, anxiety and depression becoming increasingly prevalent. The good news is that corporate wellness programs can help.

Exercise is well known for its ability to boost mood, fitness and general wellbeing and these benefits absolutely apply in the workplace. When you introduce a formalised wellness and fitness program for your business, you provide not just structure, but also a way for people to manage stress, leading to healthy and happy employees.

The shift toward mental health focus in the workplace is a relatively recent one, as businesses have tended to focus solely on physical wellbeing, Health & Safety procedures and occupational hygiene. The fact is that no one can do their job properly if they’re not emotionally or mentally well, so it shouldn’t be ignored.

How Structured Exercise Helps Mental Wellbeing

When engaging in regular exercise that’s provided by a corporate wellness and fitness program, the first of many benefits includes the ability to get away from the workplace and de-stress. Other advantages include:

  • Feelings of self masterycoming when you complete a difficult task, a feeling of accomplishment is palpable when exercise is taken. Even a simple walk at lunchtime offers this, but an organised class is even better!
  • A chance to be sociable – many employees may be surrounded by others when at work, but they’re often too consumed by their work to be overly sociable. When you invest in a wellness and fitness program for your business, it provides a place for staff to get to know each other and bond more closely as they get fit.
  • Alertness all day – when you’re going through that post-lunch energy crash, it can be tough to get yourself motivated. However, those who exercise regularly are often spared this lull, particularly if exercise classes are taken during work time or at lunch.

The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

There is perhaps nothing quite as impactful in terms of mental health support as exercise. Regularly taken, the result is most often healthy and happy employees, thanks largely to the way that it:

  • Increases the production of serotonin – which helps sleep, reduces pain and enhances feelings of happiness.
  • Reduces blood pressure – allowing people to better cope with stressful workplace situations.
  • Releases dopamine – the pleasure hormone that makes you feel good.
  • Raises levels of oxygen in the brain – increasing the cognitive function that makes people better at their work.
  • Releases endorphins – helping to support the immune system & slow down the signs of ageing.

The health benefits for your business  are very much linked to the health of your employees, as they’re always going to be your most valuable asset. The cost of implementing a wellness and fitness program for your business might be an obstacle to some, but only until you see the kind of returns it produces.

The Flexible Corporate Wellness  & Fitness Platform

So, if you’d like to enjoy these benefits and many more besides, you need to know that the company you use can accommodate all your needs. At BUA FIT, we offer a tailored wellness solution for your business, with a range of structured classes that can be delivered in person or via the online device of your choice.

Ours is a streaming service that’s built for the fitness industry, allowing your team(s) quickly and easily connect to fitness amazing professionals when it suits you. Offering boxing, meditation, nutrition, yoga, Zumba classes, bodyweight classes and much more besides, we can help you implement a wellness and fitness program for your business that ticks every box.

If you’d like to know more about how we can support your business, visit us now at BUA, where you can book a consultation call.

As always, stay fit, happy, and healthy.

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