How social fitness technology helps you exercise more

How social fitness technology helps you exercise more

We caught up with Debs, who has been working out with BUA for the last 12 months. She retells how BUA has made her stick to exercising her mind, body and soul. Explore the power of social support created by BUA’s online activity feed and creative (neighbourhood) classes.  

It’s all about you

It starts with your profile – a bio about you, a couple of pictures, and then BUA is your well-being oyster. The next bit is to ramp up your followers and follow trainers and like-minded fitness fiends.

When you work out, the community want to hear about it! Unlike any other social platform, BUA’s is built solely for fitness and wellbeing. Ran a PB? Post it. Crushed asanas as the sun rose over the Thames? Share a pic. Want to grab a coffee after HIIT on the heath – ask the community.

Try before you buy

The feed offers a window into class experiences. Through trainers’ posts you get a feel for what they’re offering and their specialisms (from rehabilitation to motivation, to stress busting to heavy hitting HIIT).

Users post about their favourite classes and with this the uncertainty of booking into something new dissipates. Your choice of class becomes based on more than convenience and scheduling – although you find what you want by searching by popularity, price, exercise category, location and start-time – the feed builds a picture of what’s really in it for you.

Super specialised classes

The feed is a goldmine for trainers too. Users’ posts, questions, and conversations provide insight into what users want so trainers can curate classes aligned to the needs of the community.

Even better, when you’ve found a favourite trainer, you can grab credit class packs for their classes exclusively.

Real advice from fitness pros                                         

Trainers are now more accessible than ever. You can DM trainers directly and ask them anything.

The feed is about inspiring you to move, and function with a smile. It will gee you up and help you live a better, healthier, and happier life. BUA fights back at unrealistic health and body portrayals on mainstream social medias…BUA don’t distort what’s healthy because the community is jam packed of trained fitness professionals. You don’t have to weed out what information is reliable and what’s bad, it’s all professionally vetted by the BUA team.

This is our space to create a new positive norm about fitness. The more favourable a norm is toward exercise, the stronger the intention is for that person to move. And that, has always been the BUA goal.

Power of peer-to-peer support

The feed is a megaphone to craft online relationships through sparking conversations, commenting, posting, and tagging features.

This phenomenon, the “fitness group effect”, is where people become driven to share their fitness achievement, set goals, and get inspiration from those who are similarly fitness-minded.

On twitter and facebook fitness posts can be seen as sneaky brags, but not on BUA. Such posts have real impact for the poster and the viewer. Sharing information about your fitness journey triggers others to follow suit, and it’s especially helpful for people who are just getting into shape and are trying to stick to new behaviours. This is what BUA is about – providing a safe, inclusive place that motivates and boosts accountability to exercise.

On the flipside, people continue exercising if they feel it’s approved by others who are meaningful to them. So fist bump a friend’s progress post – give and gain well-deserved virtual pats on the back. Knowing people are rooting for you keeps you going. This has been especially true during lockdown where there’s no cheering crowds, finish lines, or face-to face support.

A little competition, a little more action

The online network jumpstarts friendly competition between users. Comparing physical activity with others helps people work toward their goals individually, and these differences in goal attainment motivate others to adjust their aspirations skyward. This eventually improves overall levels of physical activity in the entire group. 

No man is an island

Social support can reduce the perceived costs of adopting a new exercise routine by providing companionship in real life and online. To boost comradeship you gain a class credit when you refer your friends to BUA. Click the ‘Refer & Earn’ tab on your profile for your unique referral code. Go spread the love.

Online live fitness how you want it

Aside from the feed BUA designed BUA LIVE, an online fitness studio. BUA LIVE is built to suit your changing social preferences. Whilst in an online class, you can share your screen with everyone and get the support of the class members, or have a 1-2-1 experience by sharing your screen with just the trainer who will perfect your form and offer encouragement.

BUA’s social tech is constantly adapting to your needs and desires. They’re here to create unforgettable fitness experiences for users like you and I.


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