It’s easy to enjoy the benefits of corporate wellness!

If you work in the corporate world, then you may very well have heard of the term ‘corporate wellness’ – something that revolves around wellness, mindfulness, and fitness programs which offer a variety of benefits to the business by improving the health of their team and culture. However, did you know just how easy it is to start enjoying these benefits?

All that it takes is a cursory Google search and that’s because when you search for outdoor fitness in London, the BUA website comes up on the first page! So, all you’ve got to do to access what we offer is to click through and you’ll find out everything you need to know about how to go about getting a regular class arranged.

So, what are the benefits of corporate wellness?

When you engage in corporate wellness programs, the result most often is a healthier and happier workplace. What’s more, you make your company more attractive to the top talent in your industry, as the stats show us that over 82% of employees are equally motivated by job perks as they are by their annual salary.

What you also get is improved employee collaboration due to the bonding that these outdoor fitness classes provided, as well as your team who are more productive and ultimately re-energised. You also tend to get less sick days being taken and a much more vibrant and health-oriented workforce.

So, what’s on offer in the capital?

Our corporate wellness programs come in many shapes and forms, as we tailor the programs we provide to the needs of our clients. The truth is that we offer outdoor fitness sessions right the way across the capital, either on your doorstep or at one of many iconic parks and locations across London.

We have an incredibly diverse range of activities on offer, From HIIT training to yoga to kickboxing and other enjoyable ways to get fit. But that’s far from all, as you can also get your employees engaged with:

  • Relaxing meditation classes – for calmness, focus & mental wellness.
  • Sound baths – a glorious experience where you’re literally immersed in spirit & mind nurturing sound waves.
  • Trampolining – which is not just great fun, but also helps the body to detect & destroy cancer cells.
  • Pre/post natal classes – for expectant/new Mums in your workforce
  • Zumba, Barre & Pilates classes – for physical fitness and flexibility.
  • Nutrition workshops- general topics or really specific areas such as; brain health or gut health to name a couple.

BUA Live online classes are also available that cater for all fitness levels for remote workers of all ages. The tech is built for fitness classes so when employees turn off their cameras, they can still be seen by our coaches to protect everyone from injury and hold them accountable! All of this is available with times to suit both home commitments and office hours. Bespoke bootcamps can also be arranged if required.

We provide complete flexibility with both our online and outdoor fitness programs, as we’re keen to engage your employees where it suits you – and them. If you’d prefer an outdoor class at an iconic London location or a remote class, we’ve got you covered.

Here to help you get the most out of your classes

The BUA team is essentially here to help you get the utmost out of the service we provide, which is why we provide you with your own dedicated account manager. They will use their expertise and experience to drive bookings and increase retention. These little tweaks to our service can really help to provide the results you’re looking for.

On average, city professionals currently spend 93%+ of their lives indoors, with Londoners facing the longest commute on the planet! So, why not get your workforce energised with a corporate wellness program? Your employees will thank you for it and your bottom line will get a boost into the bargain.

BUA FIT – corporate wellness , the easy way

At BUA, our bespoke corporate wellness programs can be created to meet your precise business requirements. Either delivered online or in person, it’s simple to get started and enjoy what our experienced fitness experts provide.

If you’d like to know more about us and how we do things, all you need to do is visit us today to chat with our wellness team.  There you’ll find details of everything we’ve spoken about here and how we can help you achieve a happy, healthy workplace.

As always, stay fit, happy, and healthy.

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