How to re-discover joy in workouts

How to re-discover joy in workouts

Are you finding yourself in an exercise rut? Let’s get you out and moving again in an instant. Here’s the top 5 pieces of advice from our clients coming in fast:

  1. Bag some wonderful activewear. In the same way we feel good in our fave jeans or feel on top of the world when we dress up, let’s get dolled up to the workout nines in activewear that makes you feel powerful.
  2. Write a class down in your diary and don’t move it or cross it out. It’s there in stone. Write it in red. Worship that space.
  3. Try something new. Learning keeps us young and raises our self-awareness levels. Discovering a new talent or seeing improvements in a new activity drives us all forwards.
  4. Buddy up. Refer your friend to a class using your unique code on your profile and you’ll gain class credits too. Friends are instant motivators, and you won’t let them down.
  5. Be open to forming new bonds with trainers. Ask questions and learn from our professionals – they are here to help. Having a mentor or trainer that has your back will deepen and personalise your practice.

Grab a class this week and reward yourself with an hour to yourself and your health.

Wednesday 15th September – Resistance Is Futile – 07:00 – 08:00

London Bridge

It’s all about the bands. That’s in music and the resistance. Choose yours and conquer a HIIT, EMOM or AMRAP – it changes every week. Ramp up heart rates and productivity to cruise into morning.


Patryk believes in pushing boundaries and going hard else we don’t go home…

Thursday 16th September – Mindful Flow – 08:15 – 09:15

Queen’s Park

Join for a deep focus on cultivating self-enquiry and self-compassion, with yogic moves to soften and strengthen the body to create more space within.


Rupert Eyles is a yoga and meditation teacher, trainee psychologist and mindfulness content creator. He entwines mental and physical well-being methods to ensure you’ll leave the class feeling so much better than when you came in.  

Friday 17th September – Arsenal Bootcamp – 07:30 – 08:15


Finish the week strong. Bodyweight HIIT, cardio, strength circuits, and stretching are the dishes of the day. Reap the rewards of better stability, mobility, fewer twinges, and firmer muscles.


Roksana Piech leads this belter of a burn class. She believes in making small, compelling health changes that take real time, but that are truly transformative. Patience is power in Roksana’s books, and with it comes a journey of self-discovery, self-belief, and self-love.

Saturday 18th September – Summer Bootcamp With Equipment – 11:00 – 12:00

London Fields

If you’ve got a body, you’ve got a summer body. Let’s get it moving in the sun in the way it loves and whilst you’re at it, let’s use equipment to keep things interesting.


Gabor Trapp covers the gauntlet of fitness. A pro yogi, a boxing guru, HIIT leader and weights trainer. With his wealth of knowledge about all things fitness, please ask him questions to tailor the workout to your strengths and weaknesses.

Sunday 19th Sept – Re-Charge & Flow – 18:30 – 19:30

Victoria Park

Reduce stress and anxiety and embrace a gentle flow sequence. Rejoice in a warm-up for your body and soul that is perfect for a slow Sunday. Expect poses that are reclined and seated and thrive in Frederika’s peace.


Frederika Pinterova is a powerful mood shifter. She offers modifications and alterations to the postures to ensure you get the best out of the class, whatever your ability. It’s all about your emotional well-being and conscious movement so you can take control of your body.

Monday 20th September – Outdoor Interval Training – 12:00 – 13:00


HIIT will improve all areas of your life – from lowering blood sugars and blood pressures, increasing lung capacity, to sculpting the body and reducing stress. This is HIIT with a kick! HIIT is one of the most efficient workouts you can do. The stop-start style increases heart rates so you’re burning calories fast, whilst letting the body recover so it can push itself further in the next round.


Lazuria Zaphet does fitness because she loves it, and she’ll inspire you to do the same. Once she started, she couldn’t stop and now exercise is the Holy Grail that continues to transform her life.

Tuesday 21st September – Dynamic Yoga For Women – 12:00 – 13:00


Let Lucy help you find what feels good. This class is all about soothing common complaints and finding peace with your posture, shape, and flexibility. Expect hip openers, arm and head balances, and fave salutations.


Lucy Lock is an international yoga teacher having taught in India, Nepal, the Maldives, the Philippines, Guatemala, and California. Now firmly putting her roots down in London, she’s here to showcase what’s yoga hot the world over.

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