Keen to boost your nutrient intake? You need a colourful diet!



Keen to boost your nutrient intake? You need a colourful diet!

One simple step you can take to boost your nutrient intake is to make your diet as colourful as possible. There is a reason for this.

The colour of a plant or fruit indicates its beneficial health properties, with each colour group differing in their phytonutrient (plant nutrient) content. Phytonutrients combat ageing, protect the brain and nervous system, and protect against various disease processes, including dementia and heart disease.

“Eating the rainbow” can often be easier said than done. It seems daunting and complicated.

So simplify the task, by selecting one, and only one, food from each colour group, and eat them every day for one week.

Remember that habits form with repetition. If eating the same foods every day for a week sounds boring, remember, you’re simply ingraining the habit. You can expand it from there.

The colour groups include some not-so-obvious foods, so here’s some less obvious foods in their colour:

  1. Greens: obvious, but remember green tea falls in on top of leafy green veg, so 1-2 cups a day can add to your “greens” intake;
  2. Reds: grapefruit (it’s always the flesh of the fruit that denotes colour), and walnuts;
  3. Whites: apples (again, the flesh), parsnips, coconut;
  4. Oranges: pineapple, ginger, turmeric;
  5. Purples: cacao (yes, dark chocolate), blueberries, strawberries and cranberries (yes they look red, but it’s their phytonutrients that put them in here), red wine, aubergine, peanuts.

They key is to just pick one of each. The options are endless, and up to you.

For example, for one week you might: add kale (green) to salads, chop in some tomatoes (red), eat an apple (white), make butternut squash (orange) mash for dinner, eat 2 squares of dark chocolate (purple) after dinner or have 1 glass of red wine (purple)…or both, your call.

Make it enjoyable. More importantly, keep it simple and make it achievable.

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As always, stay fit an stay healthy!
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