Kitting yourself out for your workout

Kitting yourself out for your workout

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt in our years of working out it’s that you should never underestimate the importance of wearing the right gear. Now, we’re not saying you’re your clothing will always make or break your exercise regime, but it will certainly go a long way toward optimising your performance and minimising the chance of injury. Here are five pieces of kit you should be seriously considering next time you head out for a workout…

Invest in Some Good Footwear

Those of you unfortunate enough to have experienced the pain of shin splints will know the importance of wearing the right footwear for your workout – particularly if running is your exercise of choice. Investing in a good pair of trainers is paramount and can help reduce the chances of pain and injuries related to bad footwear choices, such as the aforementioned, dreaded, shin splints. Perhaps even consider paying a visit to a sports store with gait analysis, and find the perfect shoe for your running/walking style.

Get Yourself Some Good Earphones

There’s nothing more off-putting than your earphones slipping out of your ears every thirty seconds; it’s not only distracting, but a sure-fire way to kill the vibe just as you’re getting in the zone. Make sure the earphones are a good fit, and perhaps consider grabbing yourself a pair of specialist workout earbuds to really make sure each workout runs from start to finish without a soundtrack-related hitch.

Wear Weather Appropriate Clothing

Being too hot or too cold when working out is not just uncomfortable, but also detrimental to the efficiency of your muscles and joints. Avoid fabrics that don’t breathe, particularly in the warmer months. In the colder months, be sure to dress in warm layers that can be easily removed as your body temperature starts to rise, and cover your head, ears and hands to protect them from the biting British Winter!

Allow for A Little Flexibility

A pretty self explanatory point, and one that should really go without saying – but wearing non-stretchable items of clothing, particularly in the trouser department, to a class that requires optimum flexibility (like yoga, for example) is not going to be entirely conducive to your ability to perform those complex positions you’re working towards. Not only that, it’s just plain uncomfortable.  Do a little research into the best clothing suited to your workout of choice, and make sure your comfort, or lack of, is not distracting you from hitting those targets.

Don’t Forget the Tech Accessories…

Now, there are certain bits of wearable technology that aren’t so much of a necessity, but can help out when it comes to streamlining and optimising sessions. Pinpoint ways in which you can improve your workouts through tech and consider downloading/buying whatever it is you think might help; whether that’s an app for your iWatch to keep track of a client’s progress, or something like a Fitbit that’ll enable you to record data like your heart rate and step count throughout a session.


As always, stay fit and healthy!

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