Adopt these everyday habits to complement your workout regime

Adopt these everyday habits to complement your workout regime

You’ll all be aware of the basics when it comes to improving your fitness – a good diet and plenty of exercise – but are you as guilty as most of us when it comes to underestimating the importance of the little things you do outside of your workout plan? It’s essential to understand the power that these little changes can have on the effectiveness of each workout and the ways in which they can complement and maintain all of the benefits brought about by your exercise regime. In this case, every little really does help.

A Good Night’s Sleep

At risk of sounding like a nagging parent, you need to be getting AT LEAST seven hours of sleep per night. That’s real sleep – not “lying in bed staring at your phone” sleep. It gives your body time to recover, conserves energy, and repairs the muscles worked during exercise. There is a symbiotic relationship between exercise and sleep in which each activity is vastly improved by the other – get the balance between the two right and you’ll be on to a winner. 

Read The Labels

Understanding what goes in to the food you’re eating is paramount in optimising your diet, particularly when consuming processed foods. Sugary drinks are an obvious category to avoid, but you should also be weary of things like sauces and dressings that can have a deceivingly high calorie content! By keeping track of what’s going into your body you’ll ensure you’re getting the right kind of fuel you need to workout with maximum efficiency. 


Something we’re all guilty of from time to time, particularly those in stressful jobs, is not knowing how and when to relax. Your downtime is just as important as periods of activity, and can be vital in aiding post-workout recovery, reducing stress and improving your mental wellbeing. Time to get that bath running!

Stay Hydrated

Not drinking enough water can cause overeating, mood swings and lethargy –  yet most people out there spend their days mildly dehydrated. Yep, you read that right – very few people actual drink as much water as they should be drinking; particularly those who’ve been working out. At the very minimum you should be drinking a glass every 2 hours throughout the day, including one before each meal.

Make Lists

We’re all about the to-do lists here at Bua Fit. A useful tool for those who’re perhaps a little less organised than others, but also a great way to keep on top of your diet and your workout regime. Having your tasks for the day laid out in front of you will help you feel a little less stressed, more in control and ensure you remain focused on the present instead of worrying about the rest of the day. If you’re anything like us, you’ll also get a micro-thrill every time you check something off…


Try incorporate these habits into your current daily routine and the results will be clear in no time.

As always, stay fit and healthy!

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