Fitness Communities: The best way to stay accountable

Fitness Communities: The best way to stay accountable

It’s one thing heading to exercise alone after work every day, plugging in to Spotify, and cranking out the big boys as you shoulder press whilst listening to the latest Kendrick Lamar banger.

It’s a completely different ballgame being part of a real fitness community – it’s all about who you attend fitness classes with, as you encourage each other to meet your goals, and form lifelong friendships.

Being a part of a group of likeminded fitness fanatics is a feeling like no other, and here are our top five reasons you should join BUA Unlimited today, and enjoy two weeks of unlimited workout classes for only £1 a day. Yes, you read that right, TWO WEEKS FOR ONLY A QUID A DAY.

  1. Be a part of a great community

Does being part of a ‘fit fam’ sound a little cringe? Sure… so we won’t call it that again, promise! But by being part of a fitness community, you’ll get support and reassurance from people who have a similar end goal to you. That goal could be to lose weight, improve your stamina or just generally get healthier, and someone in your newly found community will most certainly always have your back. And hopefully you’ll have theirs too!

  1. Get accountable

When you work out alone, you’re the only person that you are accountable to. If you decide to skip a workout, no-one will really know. But you will. With group workouts, and the friendships and relationships you form with other group members and the session trainer, there will be plenty more people holding you accountable to workout. Miss a class? We bet you’ll get a DM on BUA from your mate asking where you were. Miss 2 in a row? Well…you might get a knock at the front door (we joke…we joke…..or do we? [We do]).

  1. Save money

Group classes are a fantastic way of working out with a small group, without the massive hourly rates of some individual personal trainers. Pay £14 for your first two weeks with BUA Unlimited , and you can experience as many different classes as you want, all over London, for just one hundred of our wonderful English pennies. So, to break it down for you – a class a day for those two weeks would work out is £1 per class. You can’t get much better than that!

  1. Try something new

Are you an expert on the spin bike? Try an outdoor run with some new mates instead. Like working the mat in the gym? Get yourself outdoors for a core-buster! Fancied donning some gloves and smacking the hell out of something? Box Fit sounds perfect for you. Or maybe you want something a little less fast paced? Give Morning Yoga in the fresh air a go.

  1. Reduce those stress levels

A huge benefit to working out in general is that it reduces stress levels, and releases endorphins, which make you happy. There are huge levels of stress associated with work in London, so it’s even more important that you take some time out for you, clear your head, and reduce those dangerous stress levels.

Stress reduces cortisol – this regulates various reactions in your body. Too much cortisol can cause weight gain – so your stress could be the reason you aren’t dropping the pounds. Find a workout you like, with a group of people you’ll grow to love, and reduce not only your stress levels, but also your cortisol levels. Win-win!

With all these benefits to fitness communities, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the BUA Unlimited 14-day trial now, for only £1 a day, and start 2022 by setting all the right habits.

As always, stay fit, happy, and healthy.


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