Five Reasons to Try Pilates This March

Five Reasons to Try Pilates This March

For those of you who are new to London’s workout scene, there’s a chance you’ve heard a lot about Pilates but still don’t really know about the wealth of benefits it can offer. Fear not – we’re here to enlighten you. This incredibly effective form of exercise was devised by German trainer Joseph Pilates in the early 20th Century, and has been rapidly growing in popularity ever since, particularly over the past few years. Here are five reasons to grab a mat and head outdoors for your first Pilates session!

It Increases Your Flexibility

We hear it all the time – “I’m not flexible enough for something like Pilates” – and that’s where you’re wrong. A lack of flexibility is exactly why you should be doing Pilates in the first place! Before long you’ll be bending in ways you never thought possible, leading to further benefits in other forms of exercise in your regime.

It’s Great for Toning

Pilates, like Yoga, is a great way to work on your muscle tone in a much more relaxing manner than your traditional workout methods. The slow, controlled movements will gradually lengthen the body and strengthen muscles, particularly those in the abdominal region, making Pilates by far the most relaxing way to a six pack…

It’s Low Impact

The nature of Pilates makes it the perfect workout for those unable to exercise using more high-impact methods. It can be performed by those of any age group, any level of fitness; and can even be practiced during pregnancy!

It Works Wonders On Your Posture

The focus on stability and core strength makes Pilates a great way to improve bad posture and prevent back pain later down the line. The exercises were actually initially conceived for use in rehabilitation, and the results for those already suffering from back pain can be fantastic if done right. However, be sure to check with a medical professional that Pilates is the right thing for you.

It Reduces Stress

The rush of endorphins one experiences when exercising is one of the best stress-busters out there, but when combined with the focus and control that Pilates requires you’ll be on to a real winner. This makes Pilates a fantastic option for de-stressing pre or post-work – particularly when done outdoors.

So there you have it, there really is no better time to get stuck in to your first outdoor Pilates session. Try it for yourself this Spring, and as always, stay fit and healthy!

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