Why BUA and why now?

Trainers come to BUA for one thing – to build connections.

This week we’re up close and personal with yoga teacher, Frederika Pinterova, who was missing out on a sense of community before BUA. Jump in and see what makes this yogic guru POP.

How did you choose yoga and how did yoga choose you?

Previously, I was committed to working in hospitality and retail. But, during lockdown I started working part-time at the sofa start-up, Loaf, whilst training for my new yoga career.

Today I do work lunches at Loaf and spend early mornings, late evenings, and weekends leading my yoga classes. I’ve struck a great balance that works for me.

What really matters in your practice?

Slowing down.

I used to rush so much because of my retail job and learnt slowing down is vital to my mental and physical health.

What’s the best advice to new yogis?

  1. Hatha yoga is the best place to start your yoga journey.
  2. Listen to your own body. As a teacher, I’m teaching to the class so I cannot feel what feels good in your body. If something feels weird, don’t push it for the sake of the group. I always tell people to let go of that ego leading mind; you’ve got to come back to yourself and feel your own connections. When you’re in my class, the only thing that matters to you, is you.

What should experienced yogis do to push themselves?

When someone has been practising for years they are usually at the top of their physical game, so they start looking inward. Many explore Dharma yoga – yoga that promotes love, non-violence and helps lead people to the end goal of self-realisation.

How did you hear about BUA?

It was through a friend of a friend who knew BUA trainers, Petra and Carina I follow both on Instagram and asked whether they’d recommend the platform. They did. So, I auditioned.

How is BUA different?

On other platforms you feel alone.

With BUA you feel support from the other trainers, from Dave (the founder) and Sarah (community manager). Time and effort are invested into everyone on the platform. The communication and sense of teamwork is what I love most. We meet up regularly when we can and get together for photo shoots, which are always so fun.

Biggest turning point with BUA?

BUA really helped me as new trainer. I graduated as a yoga teacher during lockdown (with graduation getting pushed back further and further). By the time I graduated the internet was flooded with online classes. I ran free classes over zoom and insta live, which was great teaching experience, and I wanted to give something back to people during that hard time, BUT, it was BUA that helped me stopped giving away classes for free.

How did BUA help after lockdown?

I was so happy we re-opened the outdoor model and I was able to actually meet people. Outdoor classes provided the space and the means to get me used to teaching people face to face again – I couldn’t imagine walking into a full studio and teaching a room full of people staring back at me after not seeing anyone indoors for four months during lockdown. It would be too overwhelming. The outdoor model with BUA started with one-on-one sessions and the numbers have gradually grown at a pace that is manageable.

Is yoga your only workout?

No! And it shouldn’t be. I never recommend just one sort of activity.

Whatever you do, you need to combine it and layer it up, which is better for your body and your mind. So, I hit the gym, I weightlift (great for muscles and joint health) and I climb. Yoga is a push workout as there’s a lot of pushing away from the ground. I complement that with climbing, where you’re always pulling yourself up.

Best piece of advice for living the best life?

Don’t worry about anyone else, worry about yourself. Step outside of people pleasing and learn to really listen to what you want and what you need in your life. Then GO GET IT.

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