How to practise anywhere

How to practise anywhere

Get the best out of your home workout now.

  • Make a dedicated space at home for your workout. If you have the space dedicate it to movement; remove everything bar your mat and equipment. If you don’t have the space, regularly use a room so you associate a fitness blast with this area. You’ll immediately de-stress once you enter the space and roll out the mat.
  • Make workouts a ritual. Use the same space, fill the same water bottle, lay down your watch in the same space. Make everything tick like clockwork.
  • Practise known moves before class, so class on class you’re pushing yourself to be better.
  • Get some music to move to. Ask our trainers in your class – they have dozens of curated soundtracks for your workout. Make your workout as enjoyable as poss by getting down to some absolute tunes.
  • Show us your moves. Share what makes you feel good on the BUA feed.

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