Posture – we’ve got a hunch you want to learn more about it

Posture – we’ve got a hunch you want to learn more about it

We’ve heard it since primary school – ‘sit up’, ‘shoulders back’, ‘stand tall’ and ‘don’t slouch’, being some of our teachers’ favourite sayings back in the day. 

What we’re sure they meant, though, was ‘let me help you improve your posture, so you’ll be a better support mechanism for your body when you’re older’. Right? 

And boy, do we wish we’d listened more at the time. Having great posture is so important, for a myriad of reasons. It’s about so much more than just looking good – good posture helps with strength, flexibility and balance, which can reduce stress on your muscles, which in turn reduces the risk of injury. 

But how can I improve my posture?

So many workouts can help ensure your posture is top notch, including our barefoot Cardio, Box & Pilates Explosion class. This session, run by Charlotte Chazel, focuses on improving your posture and punching, as well core strength (through Pilates) to stabilize your back. By having the soles of your feet in direct contact with the floor or ground, you’re encouraged to think about the impact your body positioning has on your movements, as each move is more strongly felt throughout your entire body when barefoot – wearing trainers can mute this transfer of power.

I need specifics, Bua – come on now!

There are a whole range of exercises that’ll help your posture in the long run, by way of lengthening your spine, and stretching and strengthening muscles that aren’t often worked on. 

Child’s Pose is a prime example. Not only does it stretch and lengthen your spine, glutes and hamstrings, it also helps to release any tension build up in your neck and back. By removing this tension, you’re far less likely to compensate for pain with poor posture. Child’s Pose is a common fixture in both yoga and Pilates classes, so why not book in to a local BUA FIT class today?

Anything else I should be doing to improve my posture?

We’re so glad you asked! Your core is integral to maintaining good posture. Your core muscles are the base of support for your entire body, so once strengthened, you’ll be in a far better position to hold the weight of your body correctly. 

Not only does your core play a huge role in everyday activities, such as reaching to pick something up, but it literally keeps you upright. 

With so many Core classes at Bua Fit, such as War On Your Core, Core Blimey and Core Fit, there’s no excuse to continue without strengthening that core!

As always, stay fit and healthy.

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