A few reasons to workout with a friend

A few reasons to workout with a friend

For many of us, working out makes space in the diary for a little alone time. It offers a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of our busy schedules and can provide an opportunity for some much needed self-reflection; And whilst we’re all for going solo, we’re also big fans of working alongside other like-minded people. Whether it’s your better half, your best friend, or a colleague from the office, there are a number of benefits to pairing up with a workout buddy (or two). Here are just a few of them…

You’ll Have More Fun

So, to start with the most obvious benefit – you’ll have fun! That’s not to say that working out alone can’t also be fun, but hanging out with friends whilst also exercising is a great combo, and one that’ll do positive things to your mid-workout morale. Partner up with someone you really click with and you’ll never look back…

You’ll Be More Motivated

There’s no shame in a healthy competitive streak – most of us have it! When working out with someone else, use this characteristic to your advantage and allow it to push you to the next level. Let’s face it, nobody likes losing to their significant other…

You Won’t Cancel

When settled into the sofa with Netflix at your fingertips it’s pretty easy to back out of those workout plans you made with yourself earlier in the day. Joining forces with a friend or two makes plans a little more concrete.  What’s more, if your pals are as persuasive as ours, then getting out of that after-work yoga session won’t be all that easy!

You’ll Strengthen Relationships

For those of you leading particularly busy lives, designating a a few hours a week to a workout with a friend can be a great way of catching up and ensuring those relationships don’t go neglected. Alternatively, why not try working out with a colleague for some out-of-office team bonding?

You’ll Try New Things

In need of a spotter for a particularly ambitious lift? Considering trying out that new boxercise class but scared to go it alone? We’ve got the solution. Having a friend alongside you can make trying new workouts easier, safer (that one’s for you, weightlifters), and much less intimidating. They’ll push you to try things you wouldn’t normally do, and have your back when the going gets tough…


As always, stay fit and stay healthy!

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