Top tips to stay fit this winter



Top tips to stay fit this winter

The colder months can be a tricky time to stay fit. Whether it’s finding the motivation to exercise, or not wanting to get cold, there always seems to be an excuse that our brains offer up. 

Here are our top tips to staying fit this winter. 

Make the most of Winter 2021

It’s easy to work out inside – there are so many online classes available now…but if you fancy trying something different, research what outdoor activities are happening in your area. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bootcamp on a crisp winter morning, or ice skating lessons, there’s something for everyone outdoors this month. 

Link up online with friends

Whether it’s your friends or family, rope someone else in as an online workout exercise partner. Also, be accountable to each other – share your goals, and make sure you’re both doing everything you can to make them. Winter can be a lonely time for many people, so if you’re making your workouts enjoyable and planning your online workouts together, you’re far more likely to stick to them. 

Keep a schedule

It’s easy to write something off if you don’t make time specifically for it. Pencil your workout time into your routine every day you intend to exercise. You can decide in advance if you’ll do an online workout, or get some fresh air whilst you exercise. The cold weather, or lack of open gyms won’t even make a difference!

Take the stairs

Does your house or block of flats have a lot of stairs? Repurpose them into a high-intensity cardio workout – your bum and legs will thank you! If you’re just starting out in your fitness journey, you can do intervals – walk up and down the stairs the majority of the time, and occasionally add in a jog. If you get confident, you can even climb two or three steps at a time!

Crank it up

Fancy a dance? Turn up your favourite tunes, and dance along! Dancing can burn around 400 calories an hour, so what better way to get your sweat on AND have a bit of a party?

So what are you waiting for? Make this winter the best one yet!

As always, stay fit and healthy.


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