Why the UK love yoga

Why the UK love yoga

380,000 of the UK are loving yoga.

Yoga helps our sleep, reduces anxiety, builds strength and aids our sense of mindfulness. Reebok conducted research that found our most favourite position was, unsurprisingly, child’s pose (Balasana). This stretches the spine and hips, as well as relaxing the head, neck and lower back. Our top google search was for hot yoga, closely followed by hatha and yin yoga (longer held poses).

The city that loves yoga the most is Norwich (per 100,000 people) followed by Brighton and Hove who have a penchant for hot, hatha and kundalini yoga.

Why is yoga best? Our regular yogi, Lucy, says  “Even in first 5 minutes I’m deeply relaxed. I’ve taught myself to find that peace. I’m 35 and sometimes I forget that I’m so capable of learning a new skill. Yoga has awoken a love of pushing myself and learning to disconnect in order to perform in other aspects of my life. It is a life-line I never knew I needed.”

Find your fave yoga this week with our yoga gurus:

Evening Park Yoga with Magdalena Hirmer
Mixed level yoga in Victoria Park.

Rocket Inspired Yoga with Simone Topel
In London Fields every Sunday.

Peak To Peak Vinyasa Flows with Sinem Er
Live & Online. For intermediate yogis.


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