Give ZUU a go this summer

Give ZUU a go this summer

If there’s one thing to be said for workouts in the modern age, it’s that there’s no shortage of weird and wonderful exercises to keep you motivated from week to week. One that we find to be particularly effective goes by the name of ZUU. Designed ten years ago by Aussie fitness guru, Nathan Helberg, ZUU is a form of High Intensity Interval Training with a twist – all of the activities are based around primal animal movements. So for those of you who guessed it would be working out in an animal enclosure, you weren’t too far off… Here’s a little more info on one of our all time favourite workouts!


The workout is based around seven primal and natural human movements that you’ll all be familiar with – push, pull, bend, twist, squat, lunge and locomotion. Where it gets interesting is how these moves are combined with the movements of animals like bears, frogs and iguanas to offer a full body workout like no other. It’s one of the most challenging workouts around, as proven by its use in armed forces and police training, and an incredibly effective way of getting fit, and fast.


As with all forms of HIIT, when done right, you’ll see real results in a much shorter space of time than with more moderate forms of working out (just 15 minutes of HIIT burns more calories than one hour of jogging!). High intensity workouts like ZUU will also trigger a process going by the catchy name of Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption. The resulting metabolism increase of EPEOC can last for up to 36 hours post-workout, which in layman’s terms means you’ll be burning extra calories during rest for a day-and-a-half following your session. Lastly, ZUU is an entirely bodyweight based workout, meaning it can be done anywhere at anytime!


ZUU training is best done with a personal trainer – somebody with an in depth knowledge of each movement and how to execute them properly. Like with any workout, bad technique and posture can cause serious problems and undo a lot of the hard work you’re putting in to your regime. The workout is growing in popularity year on year, meaning there are now more trainers than ever offering ZUU sessions in the UK. If it sounds up your street then head over to Bua Fit now and check out some of the great PTs offering up ZUU in your local area…

Let us know how you’re finding ZUU over on our social media channels, and as always, stay fit and healthy!

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