5 reasons to invest in employee wellness

Did you know that one of the main reasons an employee will accept a job in your company is down to the benefits? According to recruitment site Indeed.com, employee benefits play a significant role in a job search.

Indeed.com state that ‘understanding the importance of benefits packages can help managers provide more comprehensive packages to find and keep talented employees and help employees and candidates determine their priorities in a role.’

That’s why we create tailored solutions for businesses, so employees can stay fit, and businesses can reap the rewards of a happy workforce!

So, we hear you ask, what’s in it for me, as a business owner?

Shiny happy people (according to R.E.M)

Over the past five years subsidising fitness classes away from the workplace has trebled. By getting on-trend with your perks, you’ll benefit from a healthier and happier workplace. You’ll also be able to attract, retain and reward those people.

Get ahead of the competition

By offering benefits that are fun, worthwhile and on-trend, you’ll be providing a benefit that your competitors may not have considered. Perkbox take a deeper dive into why employee benefits are so worthwhile.

Get the best employees in

By offering a range of exciting benefits, you’ll already be ahead of the pack – employee benefits are the second biggest reason people take a job, directly behind salary.

In 2016 and 2017 1.3 million workers suffered work related ill health. That’s costing businesses £522 per employee. By negating both mental and physical ill health with encouraging exercise, you’ll not only be improving the wellbeing of employees, you’ll also be saving money.

Get ‘em moving

Did you know that 93% of city professionals spend their lives indoors, looking at screens. As Londoners we also face the longest commute in Europe. With three weeks less holiday than our European counterparts, things are looking a little glum. So it’s more important than ever to inspire employees, get them outside, and ensure they have time to keep fit, healthy and happy.

Mr Motivator

82% of employees who receive perks feel motivated, both in themselves, and at work. Motivated employees are likely to produce better work, in a more efficient manner…. And they won’t leave as readily as unmotivated counterparts!

It’s time to get on the workout hype. Give your employees the flexibility of when to workout, what workouts to enjoy, and where to do them, with BUA FIT. Sign up today, for a happier workforce tomorrow.

As always, stay fit, happy and healthy.


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