Are you exercising enough?

How do you know if you’re moving enough?

  • Are you feeling no changes?
  • Not enjoying workouts?
  • Missing scheduled sessions?

If you are, that’s a sign to do more. Soon there will be positive change, you’ll revel in your better mood, and cherish your workout time to treat yourself.

Let’s start by jumping into this week’s belters:

Fitness Pilates: Lift, Sculpt, Lengthen – 17:45
Live & Online
Pilates Queen, Jo Gosling, leads a masterclass in form. Stretch your body and revitalise muscles that stiffen due to our sedentary lifestyle. Pilates will wake up long forgotten movements and motions and be a gentle reminder that you love to move.

Bodyweight Bootcamp With Ana Rosas – 12:00
Old Billingsgate
The sun is set to shine so there’s no better to be than outside beside the Thames. Bring your brilliant body and Ana will do the rest. Expect a whole body workout with no tricks or tools. Addictive and euphoric Take home moves you can perfect around the house.

Barre N Beats – 07:45
Crystal Park Palace
Sarah Aarons takes a session to boost your poise and posture. Release your inner ballerina and rejoice in the shape and strength of poses designed to increase your flexibility and strength.

Power Yoga – 10:35
Live & Online
Amy Mercado’s fast Yoga will hit all the right spots. Dynamic Vinyasa with poses linked by sequences to keep the pace up.

Silent Disco SOS With Charlie Oh La La 20:30
Have a weekend away and venture to Brighton for their summer Fringe festival. Join Charlie Chazel  for a life affirmingly laughter filled silent disco class in the most beautiful church in the area. What a setting! An immersive dance experience to kick off your summer. Tickets will sell out so get your skates on!

Sunrise Morphology Flow Yoga – 07:00
Turnham Park
Gain insight into the beauty of your body. Forget everything you know about yoga and make this session all about you. Explore your body through movement, breathwork and meditation.

Nourishing Yoga – 10:00
Cator Park Nr Blackheath
Blissfully slow and restorative yoga in the great outdoors. Breath deeper and start Sunday relaxed with long held postures to build warmth, focus and strength.


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