Boxercise your way through Spring (and do it outdoors!)

Boxercise your way through Spring (and do it outdoors!)

So, in case you hadn’t already guessed by the name, boxercise is a form of exercise based around the sport of boxing; utilising the training and movements from the sport but without what most of us would consider to be the least desirable bit – being punched in the face. It really is an incredibly effective way to keep fit, and over the past few years has become an essential part of workout regimes for fitness fanatics up and down the country. Here are five reasons to make it part of yours…

It Improves Your Core Strength & Balance

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of working on your core, and these boxing-inspired exercises involving posture, balance and positioning will do just that. Whilst improvements you make may not be as aesthetically obvious as with other parts of the body, a strong core will provide the stability and poise you need to perform pretty much any other sport or workout effectively and efficiently.

You Can Do It Anywhere, with Anyone!

Unlike actual boxing, boxercise is the perfect workout to do outdoors and as part of a group, making it a firm favourite for us here at Bua Fit HQ. Your personal trainer will often split you into groups, giving you face-to-face time with friends and colleagues, adding a fun, and sometimes competitive element to your workout. The limited equipment required for a boxercise session makes it perfect for taking outside, allowing you reap all of the benefits of the great outdoors alongside everything else!

It Works The Body and The Mind

For those looking for a fun but intense workout that utilises upper body strength, boxercise is up there with the best, but did you know it’s also great way to improve your mental agility. A number of the exercises you’ll encounter in Boxercise require a certain level of hand-eye coordination, and by incorporating this workout into your regime it’s only going to get better and better, as will your reaction times and general motor skills.

It’s Great for Relieving Stress

Whilst all forms of exercise will release stress-busting endorphins, Boxercise is particularly effective for those looking to de-stress. The intensive, challenging nature of the workout will keep your mind on the exercise and help you to leave any of life’s problems at the metaphorical door. A number of the activities can involve controlled aggression (particularly those using focus pads) which can be a great outlet to release any frustrations or tension – the perfect antidote to a tough day in the office.

Does boxercise sound like the workout for you? Head over to our Eventbrite page to get booked in and find out more about outdoor classes in our launching hood.

As always, stay fit and healthy!

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