5 weekend classes to help you motivate the ones you love

5 weekend classes to help you motivate the ones you love

There’s nothing more wholesome than helping loved ones live a happier and healthier life. Exercising with others helps everyone involved achieve their goals sooner – workouts are laughter packed and you’ll push each other harder. If you’re partnered up, working out together skyrockets the relationship satisfaction. If you’re the regular exerciser out of the relationship, your partner is 5x more likely to follow suit so keep on going. Let’s jump into these weekend workouts together:


Barre Riot: Total Barre – 12:45 – 13:30

Live & Online

Lunchtime mega class. Blitz through the afternoon after a barre pitstop with Grace.


Grace Ker is a highly qualified movement guru – racking up experience in all sorts of yoga (Ashtanga, Rocket and  Vinyasa), barre, BootyBarre, Zumba, and also mentoring as a willpower coach. Her enthusiasm is irresistible.


Juicy Morning Flow  – 09:00 – 09:45

Live & Online

This is the best early morning wake-up call. Wake up slow. Energise the entire body with a fun flow through balances and transitions.


Sinem Er brings in Buddhist meditation techniques alongside alignment, flow and breath integrations. Her focus is on exceptional Vinyasa flow sessions that break down complex poses and sequences into easy building blocks to conquer.

Boogie & Barre – It’s A Sweatbox – 08:30 – 09:30

An absolute barre blast. The perfect antidote to WFH woes. Stretch longer, feel stronger and tone tone tone tone.


Grace Ker will keep your abs working through laughter as well as the barre blast. She’s an absolute fire cracker that’ll push you through and keep you going. When you feel you can plank no more, you will. Leave her classes taller, confident and ready to conquer the world.

Reboot Camp – 10:00 – 11:00

Finsbury Park

The hottest outdoor class in North London. Join this bi-lingual English-Polish class with a community of exercise lovers. This a class is designed to get you back on your fitness track.


Iga Prokopowicz loves functional fitness – fitness that help you moves better in your every day life. She strengthens muscles needed for fluid movement and stability so daily tasks like standing up unaided from the ground become second nature.


Bouncing In The Park – 10:30 – 11:15

Crystal Palace

Effortless and immersive exercise outdoors. You’ll workout harder than you ever had on a trampette, because it is incredibly amounts of fun.


Sarah Aarons has taken south London outdoor fitness by storm. It’s easy to see why she has such a dedicated following.

You can book into these classes and loads more, right here.

As always, stay fit and healthy.

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